Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Alliance Of Free Worlds

Deciding that it would be very, very bad if Croagnifit got ahold of yet another orb, the group took off towards the chunk of rock that was once a piece of Shower. Arriving at the casino with Trinity at the helm, they broke through the upper story and stormed through multiple flashing advertisements.

Finding Croagnifit doing battle with a blue haired woman named Noir, the group managed to escape with the orb before Croagnifit could kill any of them. Sadly, it cost Noir her legs and Darin his toes.

Changing into his near planet sized form, Croagnifit merged into the Death Star, and soon all ships in the area, Fulminar and Empire, were disabled. Dia sliced into the Deepa II however, and managed to restore the ships functions. On the verge of leaving the gravity well of the planet and the Empire corvettes, the Fulminar and Empire ships came to life again, this time under the control of Croagnifit, and proceeded to disable the ship with ion cannon fire.

The situation grim, the party waited for the inevitable boarding from one of the Empire vessels. However, Dia in contact with Draedulus through telepathy, had Trillanaetheen Fold Space onto the ship, and with the help of Trinity and Draedulus, the group folded space onto a fulminar ship.

Dia handed over the code to free their ship from Croagnifits ancient language, and the group made their escape into hyperspace. Taking Riddicks advice, they headed to the unnamed space station (though Trinity and Princess Zora remained with the fulminar in order to try and acquire supplies for them).

Finding the unnamed space station now under the control of Urtz Rebelrouser from the help of Charis and Aza, the group proceeded to setup shop, as it were, using it as a new base of operations from out of which the Alliance of Free Worlds would begin.

The holonet news was dark, however. Croagnifit had taken the Empire fleet and the Death Star and was proceeding to blow up planet after planet, starting with the inner core and working outwards. Furthermore, the Fulminar had launched an all out assault on every last inhabited world in the galaxy now that the Empire fleet had been so greatly weakened.

Coming to together with Urtz and Charis, the group forged an agreement between them all, solidifying the Alliance of Free Worlds government. Darin then gave a speech across the holonets, inviting anyone who wishes to join them to come to the station.

Meanwhile, the force users trained with Charis in his hopefully future Academy, Zora and Trinity showing up and joining in later, bringing a small fulminar ship and a crate of mulinear from their supply run. TRUTH prophesied that if Ithor burned, the Fulminar would fall, but it would give rise to yet a greater darkness. He then further mentioned that a planet must be split.

With only a few small ships arriving at the space station, will the Alliance of Free Worlds hold together? Will Croagnifits rampage of destruction continue unchecked? What are the Fulminar planning that has to do with Ithor? Will our group rise up as saviors, or will darkness triumph? Find out next time in these final sessions of Star Wars Episode XIV: FULMINAR



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