Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar


The squad entered Hope’s laboratory, finding numerous tools ranging from hydro-spanners to slicer kits. Along with these were diagrams and information related to the R2-D4, Synth, and the two Force orbs they both contain within themselves.

Also of note was a crate (or two?) of mulinear, and an odd combination of droid, flesh, and mulinear that seemed only partway finished. A droid calling herself XO forbid anyone from accessing the files however, denoting her distrust of meatbags.

After a bit of discussion, in which it seemed the droid was a few processors short, displays of two groups already on The Core were shown. One was a Sith lord known as Darth Terius, who Owen and So Leet recognized from their past. The other group was composed of three G.E.F.’s, Karis, Heiwa, and Sensoo.

XO explained that her goal was to bring back The Maker, an ancient by the name of Croagnifit. The party agreed to help XO bring back The Maker and aide the G.E.F.’s by stopping the Sith lord and his party.

Leaving the lab, they came across Twitch Caffeine, long since dead, he had been cloned and reconstructed into a Fulminar. Explaining he was here to stop the resurrection, he traveled with the group in pursuit of Sith lord and heading for the core of the planet, who now planned on following Twitch’s advice.

On their way, the squad found humans being processed (murdered) by droids. Twitch went on ahead, followed by Magnus who was concerned for his friend. The rest of the party cleaned up the murdering droids, and found that force energy from their lives was being syphoned down into the heart of the planet at the time of the humans deaths.

Descending down, the squad was half ambushed by Darth Terius and his crew. An exchange of information began, in which Owen learned that Darth Terius still held some of his lost memories, and that he was one who had murderered So Leet’s family. A mandalorian named Revanche claimed he had been hired by Dia Ven’s former owner, and that he was here to collect her. Upon seeing a Falleen princess and one of the rarest species in existence, a Firrerro, he offered nearly 300,000 credits for all three, but was turned down by the squad.

Still, the squad agreed to work with Darth Terius to stop the resurrection of Croagnifit, and the groups journeyed on cautiously. Coming out into the heart of the planet, a massive amount of visible force energy had been gathered at its center, Karis, Heiwa, and Sensoo all channeling power into it. The squad split up, Twitch’s aidspeeder heading for a floating console, Trininty’s for Karis, and Terius splitting off to another console.

Twitch began accessing the computer systems, but the archaic droid language it was programmed in was difficult for even him to deal with. However, other slicers were working in the system, one for the resurrection (seemingly), and one against. Twitch quickly began aiding the latter, hoping it was the key to ending the resurrection.

Meanwhile, after Karis’ airspeeder was subjected to heavy fire, causing its repulsorlifts to sputter and slightly spin, Trandomar and Karis shouted too each other. Karis explained he was trying to bring about the resurection of an Ancient, so all might grow more powerful, including the Empire! Swayed by his words, the party (except Twitch) decided to once again change sides, and Trandomar levitated over to Karis’ airspeeder to help channel the force energy.

Twitch and the second mysterious slicer finished their coding! But, rather than end the resurrection process, the force energy being gathered was shifted over to Darth Terius and his apprentice! Dark force energy was surged into their bodies, their power growing. Karis, Heiwa, Sensoo, Trandomar, and many of the other force users all worked together pull the energy back away from the Sith. As it passed Owen and Darin, the two reached out and pulled some of the energy inside of themselves, force power ravaging their bodies, but increasing their strength in the force…perhaps permanently.

Owen and So Leet did battle against Darth Terius with lightsabers and force powers. Wounds were exchanged, and the Sith lord offered either party in turn rewards for killing one or the other. So Leet would get his family back. Owen would have his memories returned. In the end, neither agreed, and the Sith lord was destroyed, his spirit fleeing the dead shell.

Darin, believing himself to be a match for anyone by himself, challenged the Sith apprentice Cryssenia to battle, and told his squadmates to stay back. The ensuing battle left Darin missing a lightsaber chunk of his back lengthwise, multiple lightning burns ravaged across his body, and other such pains. Terius’ spirit moved to possess Darin, and fearing his life to be at an end, Darin made a desperate plunge down towards the giant ball of force energy in the hopes its power could save him. Trandomar grabbed Darin with the force before he could impact, and dragged him onto Karis’ damaged airspeeder. After being asked for help by Trandomar, Sensoo quickly went to work with force techniques, aiding Darin’s mind enough to let him fight off the Sith intruder.

Revanche fought against Zora and Daskar’Jin, the mandalorian showing himself a well prepared foe, cloaking and launching grenades towards the squad members, sending shrapnel and pain into Daskar more than once! Magnus showed up, and with his veteran battle senses began to more precisely pinpoint the cloaked fighter. Daskar was hit by a blast from the mandalorians sniper rifle. Quick to respond, Magnus and Zora began leaping from platform to platform to flank the mandalorian. Daskar’Jin reached out, ripping the rifle free from Revanche’s hands, but not before the mandalorian set it to explode. Diving forward, wounds from grenades already paining him, the explosion of the weapon sent him sailing over the edge of the panel he was on and careening into the wall/floor of the planets core.

Magnus, Zora, and eventually Twitch all combined their assaults against Revanche, dehelmeting him and sending him down/sideways into the wall of the planet core, which now rose up beyond the planets surface and approached the upper atmosphere.

Enough force energy having been gathered, the force exploded upwards and expanding into a massive grey light, forming into the ancients body Croagnifit. It then shrunk down back inside of the core (which was now more of an outstretching from the planet) forming a mid 30’s humanoid body with grey hair and grey skin. He then handed Trandomar a bundled package, afterwhich accessing a nearby console that formed as he beckoned with a hand. The planet shuddered as it went into hyperspace and Karis asked if they were headed to Ossus, but all Croagnifit responded with was ‘Get back what’s mine.’

What has become of the mandalorian Revanche? Has Daskar’Jin gone to be with the force? Will Owen and Darin remain corrupted yet empowered by the dark side? Will Twitch stay with the group or leave now that his primary mission has failed? Where is Croagnifit taking The Core and what are his intentions? Find out next time in Star Wars Episode XIV! FULMINAR!!!


You forgot the quote of the game!

“My neck smiles.”


Dia Ven killed the Ewok!! And Cryssenia… and Ginix killed the panther droid! Just some minor details… XD


True!!! Thanks!


No, thank YOU. :3


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