Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar


As the sounds of battle ended, so did the life of Daskar’Jin. His body, beyond recovery, expired, and his life began to return into the force. Then, from afar, a power pulled him into a force spirit, bringing him to meet his ancestor Qui-Gon’Jin. He informed Daskar that he and all the other force spirits from millenia past were trapped inside a prison of the ancients. Yet, he had the power to briefly send Daskar back so he might deliver a final message to one of his companions.

Daskar chose to appear as a force spirit before Magnus, and conveyed words of wisdom and encouragement to his friend. After which, he was brought back to Qui-Gon, who informed him that even here in this place, there were battles too be fought. For ancient Sith Lords dwell in the prison. The two drew lightsabers, and journeyed forth into the prison realm to do battle together.

Meanwhile, Karis and Trandomar meditated on events to come, while Darin was worked on by Sensoo and Owen. XO was given a new body by Croagnifit, and now seemed linked to the entire planet, able to move Hope’s lab up into the core (which was really no longer the core, being stretched to outside of the planet!) Darin was thrown into a bacta tank, and by using Hope’s lab equipment and prototype experimental technology, was grown a piece of his spine out of Mulinar, which Owen implanted into his body.

Twitch delivered holorecorded messages from Allasandria herself to each of the squad members. All of them promised or offered one thing or another, if they join with the Fulminar. While one or two of the squad had some desires to take her up on the offer, the majority outright refused to have any part with them.

Twitch also said he could bring Daskar back to life, but the party refused again. Disgusted, Twitch left before it ended in hostilities. Cleaning droids mucked up the remains, though Magnus gathered what he could of Daskar in order to hold a funeral pyre for his friend.

Trandomar and Karis discovered that Croagnifit was headed for Shower. Frustrated at yet another of his attempts to bring the ability of the force to all life in the galaxy failing, Karis left for his ship after bidding farewell.

Deciding that drastic action was needed, the squad got together and discussed things, eventually deciding to form a new government, apart from the Empire! The Alliance of Free Worlds (AFW for short) had begun! With the help of XO, competent personnel for a frigate that was left on the world was gathered, and the people were informed to join the new government and report to the ship!

Speaking with Croagnifit, they found he intended to take back what was his, which seemed to be the force orb harbored inside of the R2-D4 in Shower Academy’s R&D section. Realizing he would simply destroy everything in his path to get it, the squad bargained with information to spare their loved ones, friends, and a few possessions from the destruction to come.

Croagnifit, while hard to understand at times, accepted the deal after he was informed of the Fulminar and the Death Star in orbit around Shower. An attempt was made by Owen to send a false alarm of a possible Fulminar invasion headed for shower at random coordinates, in the hopes that the Death Star would not be there when The Core arrived.

The group made ready, boarding their new ship with their new crew. Thousands of people had come to the landing platforms however, hoping for a way off of the planet where the droids had gone mad (or perhaps just wanted a new life).

As The Core came out of hyperspace, the Death Star and a part of the Empire’s fleet was seen still in orbit around Shower. Quick to respond, Star Destroyers began orbital bombardement, beginning to destroy The Core’s planetary shields through sheer firepower. The Death Star began to manouver itself into a firing position, having been on the opposite side of Shower from The Core!

Croagnifit exploded into a giant mass of grey force energy, which then formed into his ancient body, nearly as large as a planet and definitely as large as a small moon (like the death star!) Massive talons dug into Shower, ripping parts of the planet out that the party desired spared from the immediate destruction after XO sliced through the Empires defenses.

XO gave countdowns, ranging from planetary shield failure of The Core, to the Death Stars alignment with the planet! The squad decided to takeoff, giving orders to all people on The Core to evacuate in any way they could find! So Leet spotted a stealthed ship fleeing the landing platform (likely containing Revanche inside, who had been found to of lived through his fall by some investigating by Trinity, So Leet, and Dia Ven), but with all of the chaos as the planetary shield failed, they were unable to pursue it!

Taking off as orbital bombardment began to rock The Core, Trininty manuevered through crashing buildings and turbolaser fire. The ship was struck numerous times despite her skill, resulting in the ship crashing down on the piece of Shower that Croagnifit had ripped out. Abanonding the ship, the party ran from the forest to find Shower Academy in chaos.

Droids from the Core had landed and were blasting Stormtroopers, ships were fleeing the piece of rock that was now spinning in chaotic orbit from Shower! The Death Star came in range of The Core and fired, blowing the planet into chunks and pieces!!!

Magnus found Roland on the training grounds, battling droids, and the two rushed to the docking area, while Trandomar, Trininty, So Leet, and Princess Zora rushed to the docking bay to prep the Deepa II.

Owen headed for R&D, finding Riddick’s squad (Blades Edge) attempting to deal with Croagnifit. Riddick told Owen to charge with him, and Owen did so with hesitation. Blows from Vibro-daggers breaking off of the ancients skin (who had now turned into his humanoid form btw, and looked more in his 20’s than in his 30’s like prior!) Owen gave Croagnifit a wink and swung wide with his lightsaber. Either not understand, or simply not liking being faux attacked, Croagnifit punched Owen in the stomach, though it had little effect against the former sith lord. Riddick grabbed the ancient into a headlock, leaving Owen with the perfect opportunity to strike. Owen, not wanting to break his deal, did not take it.

Croagnifit exploded with force energy, driving back his opponents and seperating Owen and Riddick from the rest of Blades Edge. Accusations flying from Riddick, Owen denied everything and told the furion that he was ordered to get Hope and Lin out of R&D (Owen and Darin had been previously ordered to help secure a permiter by General Grimes).

Fleeing from the ancient, Riddick and Owen took off in seperate directions through R&D, while Darin found Blades Edge running past him, having been ordered to flee by Riddick with a well placed yell earlier.

Approaching Croagnifit, the two moved through R&D together, and the ancient found the room that held R2-D4, noting happily that another orb was held in the adjoining room. Opening the door, R2-D4 wheeled itself over, and Croagnifit touched the droid, who then simply came apart, screws, bolts, and pieces falling down into a pile on the floor. There, admist his pieces, lay a grew glowing force orb. Croagnifit took it into hand, his features changing to that of someone in their late teens, and his grey hair turning closer to silver.

He then moved to the other door, informaring Darin that it was Serenitaens orb. Inside was Syntha, who sat in the corner, staring with wide eyes. Croagnifit approached, grabbing her head in her hands.

Meanwhile, Owen had found Corisnalia, who had been battered and tortured for information about the Fulminar by the Empire. Rushing out, he found Riddick with Hope and Lin. Yet more accusations from Riddick occured, but with the planet under attack and the piece they were on spinning to destruction, there was no time for lengthy arguments.

Arriving in time to see Croagnifit holding Syntha, Hope screamed for people to stop the ancient! Lin managed a shot of his blaster, but the ancient simply ignored it. Lin began to drag a screaming and paniced Hope away, but Riddick ended the problem with a sharp elbow to the frantic mothers head. Without anymore interference from Darin or Owen, Croagnifit caused Synthas body to melt into a silvery liquid (similar to what the party had seen back in Hope’s lab on The Core), exposing a force orb glowing with yellow energy. He added it to his growing collection.

Owen, Riddick, Hope, and Lin, fled for the exit, while Darin searched the area with his jedi senses…

Meanwhile, giant pillars of stone came out of hyperspace, bearing upon their sides massive amounts of Fulminar! The pillars drove into the already damaged planet Shower, beginning to crack into its surface! Draedulus, Washeferneen, Vahliuorieth, and Trillanaetheen flew from one of the pillars that came near the chunk of Shower that held the Academy.

Draedulus questioned the party on the whereabouts of his sister, going so far as to send out a telepathic message. Trininty responded, letting him know that Owen had her. The Deepa II took off, Trillanaetheen purusing carefully behind it, joined by Draedulus shortly thereafter.

Owen, fleeing the base, came to the exit, only to find Washeferneen and Vahliuorieth blocking his escape. Using the wisdom of Twitch, he ran back into the base, toss a grenade to hopefully damage and delay his purusrers, giving instructions to the part aboard the Deepa II on his new destination.

Croagnifit told Darin that he had realized yet another force orb was nearby, this one having belonged too Wasin. Darin, realizing it was the prize he sought in the casino, asked Croagnifit to help him trace down the force artifacts he was sensing deep below R&D, since Croagnifit would now be taking the orb. In what seemed a jolly mood, the ancient agreed, and the two descended to find [TRUTH, Jerund Taloff, and a still in cloning vat tank Tari Nar!

Snatching the jedi and sith holocrons which were to be used in instructing the soon to be born Tari’Nar, Darin found he could not leave the area before the dark lord would awaken. Unable to simply execute a defenseless opponent, Darin allowed Tari’Nar to come to life, though the dark lord seemed quick enough to give orders, he lacked a grasp on current events taking place.

TRUTH, Darin, Tari’Nar, and Jerund Taloff took the elevator out of R&D, hoping to make it in time for the pickup from the Deepa II (Croagnifit having left to go retrieve his third force orb after dropping Darin off).

Owen rushed out of the Academy, Trinity having brought the ship down near the base. However, the fulminar had been watching closely, and before he could board with Corisanlia, Trillanaetheen intercepted his course. Lightsabers drawn, the two eyed each other over, while Washeferneen and Magnus began to size each other up, exchanging a few minor blows.

Trandomar, seeing an opportunity, had Ginix fire upon Dreadulus, who was floating nearby observing events. Without the force do to a ysalamari Owen had stolen from R&D, the child of Allasandria began to be blown away. Trillanaetheen moved quickly, connecting lightsaber blades with Owen, and with one quick flurry of speed, took the doctors arm off above the elbow!

Orders to stop were given, and Trandomar knowing Owens life to be in danger, stopped Ginix from continuing fire on Draedulus, though the boys right leg and right arm had been blown away and a giant wound was left in his back. Vahliuorieth rushed to Draedulus, dragging him away and out of the ysalamari presence. (During this time, Riddick attempted to get Trininty to take off without the party, so they might escape the impending doom, however, the Fierrerro refused)

Owens life hanging in the balance, he explained his love for Corisanlia, and that if they would let Trandomar heal her with his force abilities, she would explain that she wished to go with Owen and not her siblings. After some more deliberation and massive suspicion from Tillanaetheen, it was agreed to let Corisanlia be healed. The ysalamari was tossed away, restoring the force to the area, and Trandomar gave the blue haired girl enough life to become concious.

Corisanlia, after a brief confirmation about a deal she had with Owen, confirmed that she wanted to leave with him aboard the Deepa II. Explaining that she was not supposed to be the negotiater, Vahliuorieth came over (after having stabilized Draedulus from death). A deal was struck, each person there owing her (the fulminar) one favor to be called upon in the future.

Magnus and Washeferneen both having decided to go off and have a good fight while the fighting was good, ended their fight at more or less a draw when they were told it was time to go!

Darin arrived with TRUTH, a sack full of holocrons, and a long shiny black case, climbing aboard the ship as it prepared to leave. Torgodan also attempted to get aboard, but Trandomar refused to let him on, despite Riddick telling the Ithorian he was in his squad. It resulted to blows, and Ginix was ordered to fire upon Torgadon, while Trandomar slammed him against the Academy wall. After a quick lightning strike, the dark force user retreated back inside the base, greatly wounded.

The Deepa II took off while another pillar from the fulminar came out of hyperspace and crushed the Academy and all that remained.

Now, Shower has come apart, fragmeneted out into giant chunks that can only be called asteroids rather than planet pieces. Croagnifit has leapt over to the casino where a piece of Rainbolt City remains barely intact. The Empire fleet maintains constant fire upon the fulminar and their pillars. And the Deepa II and its crew members are caught in the middle of it all.

Did Tari’Nar and Torgadon perish in the destruction of Shower? What of General Grimes and Deadeye? Where was Grand Admiral Thrawn in all of this? Will Croagnifit take yet a third orb of the ancients? Will the Deepa II even be allowed to leave the system unhindered by the Empire, who know they have Hope and Lin aboard? And what will become of Crazy Jacks Antique shop?! Find out next time on Star Wars – Episode XIV! FULMINAR!



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