Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar


After some more shopping, researching, jedi master training, ship modification, a visit from Grand Admiral Thrawn, and a very, very angered Aza, the squad headed off planet to The Core.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by an automated message system, welcoming them to Core space, and proceeding to dock with one of the two shipyards in orbit around the planet, the planetary shield preventing them from descending to the surface directly.

In the docking bay lay debris from other ships, who Dia discovered was the result of turret and blaster fire destruction. Only one other ship remained untouched from the destruction, a tear shaped black ship, looking like it could hold 3 to 4 people comfortably.

Greeted by a droid who was seemed to be confused easily, or else had a problem with his log circuits, the squad was brought out to the construction rim. There, they found the humans who once occupied the shipyard were now being forced by the droids to do droid work. Alas, the droids simply didn’t understand why productivity was so bad, and had been continually shoving humans out into space to work on the half finished Star Destroyer resting in the shipyard.

Not having any of it, Daskar’Jin and the others began to lay waste to the droids. Trandomar using his great power over the force to pull humans back from the brink of death, while the rest of the squad lightsaber and blasted their way through the construction droids.

Cleaning up, the squad inquired of the terrified employees what was going on. Most of them didn’t have a clue except for Strata, who explained to them that the droids had started acting funny about a week ago, and then one day simply turned all at once on their owners, forcing them to do the work of the droids. Suspecting the source was down on the surface, the squad, Strata and fellow co-worker in tow, headed down the single accessway, a massive orbital turbolift.

After an impromptu dance party took place to the turbolift music (Likely something from one of the more popular cantina bands) the squad was blasted out of the shaft, turbolift and all, from Heavy Destroyer Droid fire! Hurtling through the sky like like an Tie Fighter without wings, daring escapes for life ensued.

So Leet managed to grappling hook his way back to the turbolift shaft, Trandomar, Trinity, and Princess Zora hanging on for their lives! Trandomar moved to steady the turbolift in order to help the others, while Zora and Trinity used the force to Slam themselves slower, preventing the fatal splattering impact from occuring!

Darin grabbed ahold of Dia Ven and fell from the turbolift before the droid blaster fire could burn him to ash, and quickly shapeshifted into an alien race with wings. Dia meanwhile pulled out her ion grenades, and the two began bombing runs upon the droids, disabling them in short order!

Magnus Hyperion relied on his newly acquired and faithful bonegnawer Pomo, who grabbed ahold of his upheld Vibro-Axe and flew him (tossed) to a nearby roof of a building. Magnus’ abnormal strength and nack at absorbing damage leaving him with only a few bruises.

Daskar’Jin and Owen managed to get to the turbolift shaft with the aide of Trandomar and a bit of lightsaber skill and some mechanical hands smashing into weaker made metal!

Ginix impacted after tossing Strata and his co-worker to the roof Magnus fell upon, and was thought to of been destroyed from the impact. However, after being uncovered it was found his paint job had flecked off, revealing him to have a completly Mulinear frame that Hope had installed him into recently!

Sneaking through the city, the party observed humans under the subjugation of droids, and many droids doing jobs that normally only a human would perform. Coming to Hope’s employers building, Syntha Tek, they were allowed access thanks to the code cylinder Hope had provided them. Moving through the office building, they went down (worringly) another turbolift underneath the surface of The Core, arriving inside a large research area, and greeted by a strange female voice, who quickly realized none of them were Hope…

What has caused the droids to turn upon their masters? Who came on the black ship in the docking bay? What of the visions from the force users who saw Ginix, R2-D4, and the ancients force orb? What will they find in Hope’s laboratory? Will the droids truly drink their blood as oil? Find out next time on Star Wars – Episode XIV! FULMINAR!!!



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