Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Fulminar, Pirates, and Mon Calamari

Sitting in there makeshift junk selling stand, our group of adventurers got together to discuss further plans of action. Before things could fully get underway however, they were approached by a man in gray colored robe, giving his name as Darin, he presented orders from the Empire to Daskar’Jin, informing him and the group that he was here to take Thane Starkillers place, as need for a skilled sniper was requested by Riddick for his squad.

Things in order, Daskar’Jin explained their current objectives, free the slaves aboard the wretched station of scum and villainy. After which, he asked for suggestions from everyone. It was decided to go back to the Ssi-Ruuk base, and see what weapons and armament could be scavanged from the hopefully empty base.

After a bit of investigation, the destruction of a destroyer droid and the acquisition of a R2-D1 droid who believed he could go through walls if he just tried hard enough, the team entered the base. Dia’Ven sabotaged the remaining security systems, allowing them to head to the upper level of the base where Ivpikiss and his officers had holed themselves in.

A fierce battle took place, with much table smashing, grenade launching, and lightsaber slicing! In the end, Ivpikiss surrendered and bargained the information he held on the pirates and mon calamari bases for his life. The negotiations were interrupted midway when a Ssi-Ruuk came running in, crying the alarm of Fulminar! ††

A deal was made with the mon calamari spicers/slavers after Daskar’Jin opened negotiations and then Lord Nightmare a.k.a. Owen, and his apprentice a.k.a. Darin took over for him, it was agreed they would combine their forces to deal with the new Fulminar threat, as long as afterwards the pirates were taken out and Perit was given control of the station.

Four of Allasandria’s children were seen coming out into the underground market of the station, and while negotiations with the pirates for a package began to take place, Darin made good work of his shapeshifting abilities to send a grenade sent from the Pirate King Orychee towards Vahliuorieth and the Myneyrsh she was negotiating with.

Needing no further provocation, Vahliuorieth, Washeferneen, Trillanaetheen, and Thelamariena began storming their way through the pirate base. Our team met up with mon calamari forces, which included Roland, Magnus’ brother, and suicide grenade children. The team agreed, after a large debate, to send the suicide children back to Perit, while keeping fifteen spiced up children as troops. †††

With So Leet scouting ahead, it was found the Fulminar had begun invading the base from multiple places, including parts outside the station, resulting in areas be exposed to the void of space. Following the trail of destruction left by the Fulminar, the team clashed against Allasandria’s children.

A ferocious battle ensued, all members of the team showing their different abilities and prowess in battle. In the end, three of the four lay unconcious before the team, while Thelamariena’s head was taken off by Magnus Hyperion.

The children forces, having taken spice, exhibited the force, and lacking Fulminar targets, begun to tear into the pirates ranks.

Now, the children are being blasted by the pirates, the Pirate King Orychee and his mysterious package, revealed to be Corisanlia, are yet to be found!

Will the pirate King be brought to justice? Will Corisanlia be captured? What of the telepathic shout from Washeferneen before she went unconcious? And what about the other fulminar spread throughout the pirate base? And what of Perit?! Find out next time on Star Wars – Episode XIVFULMINAR!

Sidenote on Darin: Darin bought a Twi’lek slave from one of the underground market slavers upon his arrival at the station. After letting her know she was free, she introduced herself as Vizzal’teksa, and brought news of a man named Urtz, a recently escaped prisoner who was said to be raising a band of slaves. The Twi’lek was sent off to try to make communication, and later reported that Urtz would join them in the assault against the pirate base.

†† Sidenote on Ivpikiss: While the deal with Ivpikiss was made by Darin to let him live in exchange for information, after leaving down his secret escape shoot, Owen, with Daskar’Jin’s permission, pressed the button to explode the slave collar the team had put around his neck, resulting in his death. Disturbing.

††† Sidenote on Roland: Magnus and Roland had a long talk, and it was obvious to Magnus that Roland was addicted to spice and not doing well. After some explaining, Magnus discovered Roland seems to of been deceived by Perit, and the money Roland thought was going towards their family debt, was presumably being stolen! Anger filled, but needing to deal with the Fulminar first, Roland set off with Magnus, after asking for a few credits first…for, you know, food and stuff…definitely not more spice…

Quote of the game – Magnus: “Speak Basic!” Ssi-Ruuk: “Bassssic! Harrd!”



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