Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Gotta Get Away

Princess Zora informed the squad she had been in contact with the Empire, and that a pickup (wether an evac or assault) was going to be coming within the next four hours. Daskar’Jin gave a speech of light and justice, and that while the threat of the Fulminar and the possibility of Allasandria’s presence was dire, they needed to free the children.

Daskar’Jin also spoke one on one with Lahsonaf, coming to an agreement that if she would simply watch and observe the partys actions, she would be allowed to go free afterwards, hoping to show her another side of life other than the single mindedness of the Fulminar.

The team went to work, finding Sparlo under the mine cart and making sure he was not left for dead. Attempts to get the few children still mining to gather the other children met with little success. Different attempts were made by Owen, but the team made securing the docking bay where the Empire transport was too arrive at top priority. However, efforts were still made.

Eventually, Trandomar left the group with one of the children, asking to be taken to the others. Weary from constant use of the force, Trandomar trudged on alone without the group, moving past the guards in the base and into a large room where children slept or rested without breathing room, many of them crowded on top of others for lack of space.

Trandomar tried to get the children moving, but many of them wanted to continue sleep, not leave at all, or simply take more spice. Mon Calamari guards appeared, and Trandomar fell unconcious as he tried to use one Jedi Mind trick too many!

The rest of the group with Kormin now leading (Daskar’Jin being seriously wounded still), having been commed by Trandomar shortly before, organized the remaining healthy people for a rescue operation with the time they had left.

Blowing away guards and spicers, they easily made there way through the short path to where the children were held, freeing Trandomar along the way. The children were promised power granted by the dark side of the force, along with better spice than what they now possessed, which seemed to be the only real motivator they would follow.

Pouring out of the base, and blowing away guards, the team escaped with fifty-seven children, leaving the rest behind due to time constraints and fear of possible overwhelming numbers from the Mon Calamari. Darrin and Dia Ven managed to jury-rig the slave control boxes to keep the childrens collars from exploding after leaving the base area, and everyone arrived at the docking port without further incident.

The Empire transport arrived, along with a Star Destroyer which immediately engaged the Fulminar battle cruiser, covering the squads escape. Lahsonaf staying behind after a parting Slam due to words about wings sucking from Owen. (Spilling Darrin’s salvaged goods everywhere!) Kormin acted quickly, sending out a squad to cover Darrin, as the force users in the party all felt the massive explosion of a Fold Space deeper in the station where Kahsolifar and Draedulus had departed from.

Hurrying aboard ship, the transport made it safely into hyperspace. Once aboard, Sssco took command as the mission was over, and ordered Corisanlia to be imprisoned. A large argument was had between Owen, Corisanlia, Sssco, Kormin, Daskar’Jin, and some of the other team members. In the end, Owen and Corisanlia were both collared.

Greeted upon landing by General Grimes, Aza, Hope, Ginix, and Lin, the party split up, going about their business on Shower. Corisanlia was quickly detained and put in a holding cell inside of R&D.

Trandomar and So Leet sought to reclaim their lost credits, but found only a small return of their original bet upon the Arena match. Being treated unjustly, but unsure how to proceed to get their money back due to blatant racism, they headed back to the Academy after speaking with Darrin, who found his way into the Casino blocked by the guards, despite shapeshifting into multiple forms and even impersonating a prior patron.

Trandomar went into the forest to have another training session with Jedi Master Charis, while Owen took out his frustration about the Empires handling of Corisanlia by beating up every new recruit he found in one of the training gyms. Trandomar also got negotiations working with the Ithorians he had rescued from slavery, in the hopes of furthering his own career, and helping out his homeworld of Ithor, which is under attack by the Fulminar.

Eventually, a new mission was given and the new squad leader was announced. Darrin would lead, with Daskar’Jin as XO and So Leet as CO. Communications and shipments from The Core, have stopped, and the Empire is sending the squad off to find out what’s wrong and fix it. So Leet also revealed that the droids that attacked the arena were of a manufacturer from the same planet.

What awaits the squad on this planet of droid and prototype technology? Will Darrin be able to step up as squad leader? Will So Leet ever be promoted? Did Urtz Rebelrouser live through the Fulminar and the Spicers? Will Allasandria’s children be content to let their sister stay in Empire hands? Just what in the world is a moisture farmer and why do they have harvest seasons anyway? Find out next time on Star Wars – Episode XIV! FULMINAR! (Okay, maybe you won’t find out about moisture farmers)

Quote of the game: “Just turn it off.” ~Droid maintenace technician.



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