Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Mistakes Were Made

Tash began to argue that the killing and spacing of the unconscious Fulminar was the right thing to do at the time, despite the battling of children versus pirates going on the grand staircase inside the Pirate Kings base. After arguing from Owen and Magnus, Tash still had her way, and the party left the battlefield in the hands of Urtz Rebelrouser, who was shocked at the team not going to help the children against the pirates, but didn’t stand around to argue.

Time was taken to seek out an airlock and wait for a skirmish between Fulminar and Myneyrsh to end there, before Tash and Sssco applied deadly force to the unconscious children of Allasandria, before then spacing them out the airlock.

Returning to the staircase, they found the last of the enslaved children dead, and the pirates on a slow retreat up the stairs, Urtz doing what he could, but unable with his small force to save anyone by himself. The party beat the pirates back, who fled away deeper into the base. Urtz branched off, going to secure the armory, while the party followed a few pirates who had made a retreat into a large trophy room, ending their lives.

Moving further in, they came across four landspeeders and pirates piling into them. After three of the speeders took off, the team decided to pursue, getting to the final landspeeder and killing the pirates who occupied it. Afterwhich, they began debating wether or not they were following the right group of pirates. After a few coms over to Urtz’s group, and some general indecision, Trinity applied her great hunting and tracking abilities to determine that they were indeed on the pirate kings trail, and the team piled into the landspeeder.

Going through a dangerous maze the landspeeder was obviously not designed to traverse, and lacking an Ace Pilot, the team slowly made their way after the pirate king, coming upon the group of pirates, only to find them at a docking platform, fighting Fulminar who were tearing through the ships docked there. Tash piloted their landspeeder around the pirates, towards the ship the pirates seemed to of been heading too, drawing the fire of the pirates, and some Fulminar attention as well.

A fierce battle ensued, during which it was found they did not have the passcode for opening the pirate kings ship. Out in the open and under fire, the team took heavy damage all around.

The worst of it being received by So Leet, who found himself in a strange black void, with voices of his mother and sister calling for him to come to them, his mother offering rest, his sister crying for help. See sidenote below for further information.

The Pirate King Orychee decided the battle was not going in his favor, and escaped with one of his henchman on the landpseeder back towards his base. The team, deciding not to pursue him by the leftover landspeeders, worked at getting inside the spaceship. Trinity folding space into the cargo hold, opened it from the inside. The team then fled from attacking Fulminar, who began eating through the ships hull. Docking at the Star Destroyed infused with the space station, they sought out a medical bay where they rested to recover from the deadly wounds.

Deciding to head back to the Ssi-Ruuk base they had temporarily made their HQ, Trandomar contacted one of Allasandria’s children, who named herself Lahsonaf. Negotiations were attempted, but the team wouldn’t agree to any of the terms suggested, and they now make their way through the station, So Leet scouting stealthily ahead…

Now, the fulminar are scouring over the station, searching for their sister Corisanlia, while their battle cruiser systematically blows away ships in docking bays and docking platforms. Word that the mon calamari Perit has confiscated the Black Market has come from Urtz, possibly seeking control of the station as he was promised by the team. What will become of the slaves remaining on the station? Will the fulminar, who seem bent on revenge for the murder of their siblings, continue their rampage? Will the pirate king ever be brought to justice? Find out next time on Star Wars, Episode XIV – Fulminar!

So Leet sidenote: As So Leet made the decision to help his sister, another mysterious female voice called to him from yet a third direction, warning him that he was at deaths gate, and that he needed to come to her in order to live. Not knowing what was real and what was fake, So Leet drew upon his ability to sense the life of the force, and found it surging where the mysterious voice was coming from. With the cries of his sister echoing in his ears, he painstakingly made his way away from her and his mothers voices.

Drawing closer, the voice took shape into the Fulminar Vahliuorieth, who offered him life if he just took his hand, despite the fact that he and his team had murdered her and her siblings in cold blood. After a series of questions and a bit of confusion, So Leet could make no determination on wether or not the child of Allasandria was attempting to trick him. In the end, he decided to trust the Fulminar’s words, and took the girls hand. Meanwhile, Owen had been operating furiously, but was still losing So Leet’s life despite his best efforts, when suddenly he stabilized.


NOTE: Magnus didn’t help kill them when they were unconscious.

Mistakes Were Made


Mistakes Were Made

NOTE: Why did we throw our reward out of the space station?

Mistakes Were Made

I believe there was a fear of the sedated Fulminar waking up and escaping while you were off chasing the Pirate King and Corisanlia.

Mistakes Were Made

well because there was only like four of us on Saturday we thought if they would have come back to life we would have died which almost happened anyways.

Mistakes Were Made

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