Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Pop Goes The Slaves

The band of adventurers managed to break themselves out of prison, killing a few guards, though not quietly, causing the alarm to be raised in the Ssi-Ruuk base. They then fought their way past patrols, while Daskar’Jin took out the security room to hopefully stop monitoring of the situation.

Finally coming together and closing in on the exit, the party was contacted by Ivpikiss on comlink and informed if they left the base, he would kill all the remaining slaves he had imprisoned. Though there was a brief statement of protest from Magnus Hyperion, the rest of the party, jedi included, decided to leave anyway in accordance with Thane’s desires, letting 50 or possibly more slaves to have their heads blown off by their slave collars.

Meanwhile, Owen Mind Trick ambushed some gamorreans and found a small group of child slaves mining spice from raw ore brought in from off station. After speaking with one of the children, he found that they were slaves of the Mon Calamari Perit. When Owen suggested freedom, the child seemed confused and did not want to stop mining the spice. Leaving the area, Owen mind tricked a child to go turn on a shield generator so he could be outside of it when it was activated. As the child reached to press the button on the generator, the collar around his neck went off, resulting in the childs death. Owen then left to regroup with the rest of the party.

Well, in the end, a handful of slaves were freed, a very large portion of slaves died. So far, the mission to free the slaves on the unnamed space station has been wrought with failure, and now the party has come together after gathering information from the large underground marketplace, giving them a better idea of events on the station itself. What’s next?!

Go to the upper levels and fight the pirate king Orychee? To the lower levels and deal with the nefarious Perit? Perhaps something else? Will more slaves die? Will more innocents be sacrificed for the safety of the party? Is Ivpikiss really out of the picture? Will anyone give in and buy one of the beautiful Twi’lek slaves? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XIV – Fulminar!

Additional notes: Trandomar purchased two Ithorian slaves, and sent back 3 groups of 4 to be new recruits for the Empire with Hope, who is scheduled to return in 5 days.



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