Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Some things do cost an arm and a leg

Returning to their temporary headquarters at the once Ssi-Ruuk base, the team debated on their next course of action while one of Perits men demanded that they come and give aide to his forces as they finished off the last of [[Orychee]s men.

So Leet, who had been monitoring the pirates communications closely, found word that the package was going to be left at a drop location. Deciding that Corisanlia was the best option, the team followed So Leet through the base, passing through the strange forest at its bottom and up into the Mon Calamari spicer base.

Interrogation of a guard was somewhat made, but Magnus, frustrated at Rolands addiction and OD on spice, brought the exchange of words to a quick end. Through the abuse of mind tricks, Daskar’Jin and Owen brought a few more guards to their doom, causing the enslaved children to run in panic.

Moving through a large ore refinery part of the base, the package (Corisanlia) was seen in the distance, while at the same time a group of Mon Calamari spicers were ordering the children to calm down, executing those that did not obey.

Owen and Sparlo went for the package, which was now being toted off by Kahsolifar, Draedulus, and Lahsonaf. Knowing neither was good at stealth, they erred on the side of caution and let the Fulminar take a large lead, resulting in them losing sight of their target briefly.

Finding them again, Sparlo decided to risk his life, and folded space inside of the container Corisanlia was being held in. Arriving in the dark cramped space, Sparlo’s left arm and right lower leg were forfeit, having arrived outside of the container.

Screaming, Sparlo grabbed Corisanlia and folded space again, falling on the refinery floor at Owen’s feet. The doctor began to work quickly, while the Fulminar turned to find just whose limbs had interrupted their walk.

Meanwhile, Trandomar, Daskar’Jin, and Dia Ven went to try and save the children. Trandomar reached out with the force, pulling the controls for the slave collars out of the Mon Calamari guard hands. Thinking it was the children rebelling with the force, they began to quickly execute child after child.

Dia Ven, with some amazingly accurate shooting, blew the guards away before all of the children good be killed. The team, knowing time was short and hearing the screams of pain from Sparlo’s com, let the last Mon Calamari leave with the enslaved children, and went rushing to aid their companions.

A great battle began, Owen taking Sparlo and the unconscious Corisanlia from the battlefield. Magnus and Sssco rushed to fight against Kahsolifar and Draedulus. Draedulus took to the sky, thwarting Sssco’s attempt to close at melee with him, while Kahsolifar made light of Magnus by reversing gravity and rendering him airborne.

Lahsonaf began attacking Daskar’Jin, Trandomar, and Trinity, splitting herself into two beings of smaller mass with an unknown force ability, while fulminar charged Dia Ven.

The classic case of choosing the wrong opponents, Allasandria’s children and the Fulminar began dealing deadly wounds to the team. Meanwhile, Owen had done what he could for Sparlo without proper medical facilities, and had brought Corisanlia around.

After asking about the deal they both had together, Corisanlia let Owen know his friends were in trouble. Owen decided to lure Kahsolifar away from the rest of the team, by telepathically informing him of his faux intentions of killing Corisanlia.

Succeeding, Kahsolifar appeared through folding space, Corisanlia stated her intent to not going with her siblings and staying with Owen. Kahsolifar seemed displeased, and decided to bring in Allasandria to see just what their mother would say.

Meanwhile, Magnus and Sssco had no way of engaging Draedulus, who floated in the air above them. Luckily, Draedulus seemed to have the same problem, unable to effectively harm either of them. Dia Ven, having survived her close encounter with the fulminar, with a little help from Trinity near the end, began blasting at Draedulus, who negated the energy with his force abilities.

Magnus, frustrated, threw an ore load of insults towards Draedulus, who reciprocated by putting a lightsaber through the Myrmidons leg. Magnus began quickly counter-attacking, forcing Draedulus to flee back into the sky. The stalemate was ended when Draedulus fled to answer Kahsolifars summons.

Lahsonaf sought to rejoin herself back together, but in the end became trapped with one of her legs underneath a giant pile of ore due to the teams actions. Negotiations began, and now the team works to decide what to do with her.

Draedulus, having arrived by Kahsolifar, and placing his hand on his shoulder, exploded with the force, and the two folded space away, apparently to get fetch their mother.

Now, Sparlo lays drugged and possibly dieing underneath a mine cart, left there as Owen fled with Corisanlia. Lahsonaf lays trapped, attempting to make a deal with the rest of the team. Perits men continue to dominate and take over the station.

Will Kahsolifar and Draedulus return with Allasandria? What deal will be made, if any, with Lahsonaf? Will Sparlo be able to live through his grievous wounds? Can Daskar’Jin convince Lahsonaf that there is more in the galaxy than just killing? Has Princess Zora achieved her goals back at the Ssi-Ruuk base?! Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XIV! FULMINAR!



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