Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

The End

When the galactic dust settled, it was not the Empire nor the Fulminar that were victorious. It was the select few that chose to stand against the darkness that had plauged the galaxy for years.

Allasandria and the Fulminar were defeated. All but a select few of their kind were wiped off the galactic map in one final glorious battle upon Ithor. Rancor, Daskar’Jin, and Qui-Gon’Jin worked together to help destroy the black orb of the Ancients, setting Sith and Jedi Master alike free.

Manifesting upon the battlefield, a great war began. Ancient rivalries renewed and were just as quickly put to rest by lightsaber and by Force. In the end, the force spirits faded but were not forgotten.

Urtz Rebelrouser and his growing band continued to bring freedom and peace to the galaxy through the newly established government: The Alliance of Free Worlds. Meanwhile, our band of heroes went there separate ways…

Trandomar helped Sparlo and brought about a new Jedi Academy, training force users and establishing an order of Jedi that would never end. Through his efforts, new force abilities were found and a new age of enlightenment for the Jedi began.

So’Leet saw his sister home safe to his planet and then began a pioneering journey out into Wild Space. There, he secured multiple planets full of resources and even welcomed in new races to the AOFW. His beyond ordinary scouting abilities inspiring a large band of explorers to flock under his banner. He now leads them, continuing to find new worlds.

Magnus Hyperion hunted down Fest and ended the mercenary leaders life. Then, working with Jerund Taloff managed to create a cure for his entire race. He then returned to his homeworld, bringing with him hope for the future. In time, he was made king of the planet, and the soldiers recruited there by the AOFW are some of the best the galaxy has ever scene since the Mandalorians.

Owen married Corisanlia and the two went on to live a happy life. Owen eventually opened a space station named after his bride designed specifically for treatment of diseases and experimentation to find cures to hithertoo impossible to cure ailments. It acquired great fame when it was found that any species was welcome there, and the bills were negligible to free. It has since become the most famous hospital facility in the galaxy and doctors fight to be accepted into its docking bay doors.

Trinity and Princess Zora layed low for many years after the Fulminar war. There was much hatred towards them by many for their prior betrayal, despite their repentance. In time however, they were allowed to come to the Jedi Academy by Trandomar vouching for them both. Their transformation into Fulminar having left them ageless, the two continue to train new and upcoming jedi to this day. Their legend will never die, and neither will they.

Dia’Ven spent a short time training the AOFW in proper slicer abilities, but soon left when she was offered leadership of her bounty hunters guild. Now, the mention that a member of House Paramexor is on your tail will cause most targets to surrender to their death willingly then be tracked across the galaxy and back again. They will always have the best technology, and they will always know where you are. They are now the most powerful bounty hunter guild in the galaxy.

Daskar’Jin’s force spirit stuck around, guiding Lahsonaf as well as he could. Soon, the two journeyed to the infamous unnamed space station (now under AOFW control). Seeking out Jerund Taloff, Daskar’Jins bondy was cloned and using the technology of the Fulminar and the great teachings of his great great grandfather Qui-Gon’Jin, he came back to life. He and Lahsonaf were married shortly thereafter and had thre children, two of them twin girls. The girls went on to become the most famous perfomers on the HoloNet and every species agrees there is no one as beautiful as they. The boy went into broadcasting and his voice can be heard everywhere from Pod Racing tournament to your local news. It is said that with a single word and a wink he can knock a girl off his feet. He currently has over 10,000 requests for marriage.

Ginix established Droid, a planet where droids can come to be free from the oppression of organics. While many worry over the possibility of a droid uprising in the future, Ginix assures them with a pair of thumbs up that everything is a-ok boss!

Kormin and Sssco continued on as soldiers, joining the AOFW. Despite her protests, Sssco was given the rank of Commandeer and began work as a galactic police force, settling disputes that were to big for local governments to handle. She and Kormin soon grew restless however and turned in their resignations. They then left the history books and no one is sure of there whereabouts.

TRUTH went on to become a doom prophet upon the HoloNet news. Answering calls from all over the galaxy and farseeing horrible futures. While most of his predictions prove false, it is believed they are true visions, and only because of foreknowledge do the events not take place. Some regard him as a joke, while others revere him as a great wiseman. When asked where TRUTH got all his information, the man laughed on air for over an hour.

Hope never quite recovered from the loss of her daughter and the betrayal of Lin. She eventually joined up with Jerund Taloff to continue with his experiments, but her eyes have always remained sad. The only time they are said to brighten is when word of her other daughter Sssco is brought to her.

Nistakoraem never managed to regain her original form and is more often than not seen in the company of Lahsonaf. While only inches tall, her command of the force has not diminished, though perhaps her spirit has.

Rancor faded from the history books, only returning a few times to see how things were progressing. Once to hold a large tournament where time and space could allow any to enter and do battle. All the heroes of old came, but in the end Dia’Ven emerged victorious, Magnus Hyperion coming in a bloody, broken, yet brave second.

Draedulus after being awarded the gift of life by Dia’Ven (a prize she claimed for winning Rancors tournament), now continually seeks Dia’Ven’s attentions. Whether or not they were ever reciprocated is one of the final mysteries in the galaxy.

Now, there is no sign of darkness, and the galaxy is finally at rest…may the force be with us.



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