Magnus Hyperion



At 7’2” he towers over most foes and is 375 lb of pure strength. Well Built all around. His legs are Built like trees and his arms so large you have to see to believe. Magnus is a statue of strength.

Magnus has Long Striking Orange Hair and a thick beard. His Face and body tell a story with every scar, broken bone, and burn. Stories of Battles with many a foe of great strength and skill. His Blue Eyes have seen everything from glory, pain, sorrow and even heart break.


Magnus is an outstanding athlete. In his home town there was a sacred ritual once every 5 years.the warriors of the town would gather and race to the top of the highest mountain to pick a flower only found on that one peak and bring it back to the center of the town. This trial would sometimes last days on end and the winner would gain renown throughout the land and bring glory to his family name and the losers sometimes never to return would be shamed, Magnus competed twice and won both times, Roland as always a close second to his older brother!

Short tempered at times, especially in combat. It would sometimes get him into trouble at home. Not known for making the best decisions Magnus’s heart is always in the right place. He has always been fond of animals and at home he would often be found playing and talking with them as if they could understand him!

Magnus’s world was turned upside down after his 25th winter. When the ones from the stars came and took him from his home in Valderin’s Gate . While sitting in a strange flying machine soaring through the stars a strange metal man gave him a letter reading:

Magnus the time is upon you to fulfill the reason you were brought into this world. to serve as a slave to your new owner. You may be confused but let me explain, the Galactic Slaver Group started the Myrmidon Project hundreds of years ago when we had scientist create your species to live on this outer rim planet to grow into superb warriors till the time came when only the best warriors would be taken away when there 25th year came and they would be sold to the highest bidder and to stop you from killing your new master to gain your freedom you have been injected with a slow acting poison that has no effect for five years but when those five years have past your insides will begin to deteriorate and you will die in one very painful day and the antidote is given to your new master and he can free you or not, on his own terms. this transport will take you to your new life.

P.S. every myrmidon that is taken is given a debt that he must pay or else his family will be killed.

Magnus Hyperion

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