Tash Blackburn

A dangerous renegade.


Heavily invested in a variety of combat and infiltration techniques including, but not limited to: sebekkah and tahtib martial arts, level six gunnery, parkour, security bypass methodology, interrogation resistance, escape techniques, aggressive piloting, unconventional warfare.

Battle Abilities

  • Two-weapon Fighting
  • Martial Arts
  • Battle Sense
    • Veteran Battle Sense
  • Blaster Pistols
  • Explosives Training
  • Accurate Shooter
  • Mobile Shooter
  • Redirect Shot
  • Sharpshooter

Mind Abilities

  • Knowledge: Blasters, Crime, Security Systems
  • Language: Fulminar

Life Abilities

  • Pilot
  • Stealthy

Tash doesn’t listen very well, except to her mother; she often leaves without permission or even telling anyone where she’s going, but always returns when called. If you ask her about herself, she’ll confine her remarks to events that took place in the last five years or so, and is either unwilling or unable to recount anything before that. Sometimes she’ll surprise interlocutors with a seeming non sequitur comment relating a hazy childhood memory, but it’s unclear whether she really recalls something or has fabricated it in order to fit in. She seems to know Sss’co fairly well, and they can sometimes be seen sharing a conspiratorial whisper in a corner of the mess hall.

Some humans consider Tash cute but she denies this label and usually tries to punish people who use it by making fun of them; it’s a strangely childish act for someone who is clearly an adult by her appearance. Tash’s primary hobbies seem separated into two categories: hurting things and shopping for things. When she’s on duty she dresses very severely in tight, black clothes and is festooned with many weapons; when off duty, she dresses like any civilian, but with a tendency toward bright colors. She often cricks necks when she walks into a public space on the base because she stands out so weirdly from the military order.

Until recently most of Tash’s assignments for the Galactic Empire have been solo and strangely covert. Scuttlebutt around the officer’s table seems to indicate she is either a spy, a decoy, a new sort of droid developed in secret by R&D and now foisted off on the general base population as some sort of harebrained real-world test, an assassin, a famous musician forced into a new line of work by the hard times all over the galaxy, a scrappy kid out to avenge her real parents’ deaths, a pre-programmed clone warrior prototype, or the amnesiac grand-daughter of Azriel Breakstar. There used to be a betting pool on the subject, but the brass let it be known they disapproved of this activity.

Tash Blackburn

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