Species: Ithorian
Gender: Male
Birth date: 4 ABY, Ithor
Parents: Ayuuri, father unknown
Age: 25
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black

Lightsaber specifics:
Handle switch: Force-activated
Color: Green
Blade length: 1.3 meters
Modifications: Concealed compartment, water-proof casing

Force beliefs:
Trandomar believes in the Living Force and strongly disagrees with the Unifying Force view.

Battle: Bellow, Weapon: Lightsaber
Mind: Knowledge: Life Sciences, Language: Ithorian, Language: Basic, Language: Gamorrean, Language: Rodese, Language: Huttese
Life: Striking Looks
Force: Force User, Lightsaber Construction, Malacia, Slam Burst, Negate Energy, Levitate, Master Move Object, Repulse, Mind Trick, Telepathy, Exemption, Farseeing, Jedi Sense


Excerpts from Trandomar’s datapad journal

Datapad entry #1:

He’s gone. The last thing he said to me makes no sense; none at all. Now I’m alone, no blood connections left on Ithor. I figured my training was nearly complete, but I didn’t expect him to leave so quickly, and I always expected him to come back. This time was different, it was.. ominous.

“The future is in motion, I must go to change its flow.”

Those were the last words he spoke to me. They will forever puzzle me.

Datapad entry #31:

It’s been a year and I still have not seen Uncle Namuk since he left Ithor. I’ve continued my training on my own, using the knowledge he passed on to me. It’s funny, he said I had the most raw Force power of any individual he had ever seen, but I struggled with his tests. They were rigorous, both mentally and physically, not to mention I was still learning to accept my parents’ death. As far as pure Force talent goes, I was about as good as a Droid. I’ve been reading some journals and books he left behind, but have learned nothing new from them, unfortunately.

Datapad entry #40:

Whenever I asked Namuk who his Master was, he simply told me he was trained by “The Son of the Chosen One”, and I never understood what he meant; until now. Today I found a datapad in a locked storage box in my Uncle’s house. From the information I gathered from the data present, it appears my Uncle Namuk was trained in the Force by Luke Skywalker himself.

Datapad entry #68:

I’ve decided to leave Ithor. I’m going to become a merchant and leave the troubles of this world behind. The planet has seen better days, days before the Empire came. Days before they killed my parents. I can’t stay here much longer, there is nothing left for me here and I grow stale. I’ve borrowed 65,000 credits and purchased a ship to transport my goods. I’ve named it Ayuuri, after my Mother.

Datapad entry #83:

Times have been hard, and I almost regret leaving Ithor. It seems no one wants to buy goods from an Ithorian. They assume them stolen, or of less quality than they are looking for. I’ve got Bounty Hunters after me for the money I owe, but I’ve been able to avoid them thus far. I’ve joined a band of Mercenaries with promise of good pay and future work. I’m headed to some planet named Shower in the Outer Rim. I’ve never heard of it before, but what do I have to lose?


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