Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

Whoops! I Sold My Friends As Slaves!

Magnus Hyperion, Jr. Lieutenant Daskar’Jin, Sssco, Tash Blackburn, Hope, Thane Starkiller, Princess Zora, Dia Ven, Owen, So Leet, Trandomar, and Sparlo arrived at an uncharted location in the Senex Juvex sector of space, Princess Zora having requested the Empire lend her some aid.

After getting cleared for docking at an unnamed space station, which looked to be on its last legs, having half of a star destroyer as part of its structure, the party disembarked, posing more than half of them as slaves.

Quickly accosted by shady merchants in what seemed to be a black market styled merchant den, they were asked to sell their slaves by a number of interested parties. Magnus, posing as a slave, was mistaken for his younger brother Roland by a scruffy looking scrawny man, but was chased away by Tash with a blaster before any questions could be answered, making one wonder just what he wanted and why he thought Magnus was Roland.

Denying the peasley amount of 3,000 credits for the Twi’lek slave Dia’Ven, So Leet letting the party know that such an amount was entirely too low for a Twi’lek slave, even in this part of the galaxy, the party (or some of them!) decided it would be a good idea to sell the other party members off as slaves, thus locating at least one of the locations where slaves were being kept on the station.

Accepting the offer of 35,000 credits for the lot of them from a Ssi-ruuk, the party headed to a higher level of the station. The party was sold as slaves to the Ssi-ruuk, and placed in binders and led off into the Ssi-ruuk base. The so-called slaves were marched deep inside, passing by numerous screams of pain, and a large amount of oddly modified droids. It was discovered by Sparlo that in fact, these Ssi-ruuk were somehow taking the lives of the slaves and placing them into droids.

The other party members decided that perhaps it was a mistake to break up their team and leave most of them without weapons and imprisoned, immediately began to find a secret way into the Ssi-ruuk base, though Sparlo used his Fold Space ability to simply leave the cell.

So Leet, having scouted out a few different ways into the base, lead the party to one of the better paths, and they are now preparing to invade to rescue the people they sold into slavery themselves…

Meanwhile, Owen, having left the group with the explanation of checking things out, probed out with his Sense ability, finding a dark spot in the force, indicating the presence of a Ysalamari. He briefly detected another force user, but the sense of him disappeared quickly. Attempting to get to other levels of the station, Owen has fallen down a garbage chute, landing upon a large pile of decaying body parts, rubble, droid pieces, and other such junk, only to find himself in a forest area. Far above him, the ceiling shown with warm lights, acting as an artificial sun for all of the plant life.

Quote of the game: “It’s just a raptor with a shotgun.” Referring too a Ssi-ruuk. Nice one Sparlo. _

The capture of Jerund Taloff

A group of mercs and bounty hunters are giving a mission by Fest. Go capture the cloning mastermind Jerund Taloff and bring him back alive to the Empire.

The team was to ambush the Fulminar ship transporting the scientist, knocking it out of hyperspace during its journey. The ambush turned out to be from the opposing side however, both assault shuttles coming under fire as soon as they arrived at the planned coordinates.

After a deadly crash landing into the ships docking bays, the team and a group of mercs secured the area, holding down the fulminar forces in the main corridors by laying down blaster fire, the more stealthy members of the team investigated other avenues out of the docking bay.

Leaving the main company of mercs to hold their ground, the team stealthed through the ship, dealing with some Toydarian’s and Fulminar along the way. After securing Jerund Taloff, they moved through the ship, coming back to the docking bay where they found the mercs they had left dead and one of Allasandria’s children waiting for them. Battle begun, during which Crazgahglia perished from a massive amount of blaster fire and dark side force powers, while his sister Seraelafor escaped.

The team was then picked up by a ship from one of Princess Zora’s acquaintenances as they made their escape into hyperspace.

Three of the assault team mercenaries did more than just the usual point and fire. Thorin, who kept Jerund Taloff from escaping during the attack by Allasandria’s children, Thorpin, who protected the party, in particular Princess Zora, and gave up his life to make sure she stayed safe, and Socko, who was a master of laying down covering fire. (Special mention demanded by Zack)

Jaffa's Worst Day Ever

Captain Sssco, Captain Riddick, Junior Lieutenant Kormin Blithman, and Privates Owen, So Leet, and Magnus Hyperion, headed towards the Arena in Rainbolt City. Sadly, on their way there a bounty hunter named Jaffa, who was earlier seen in an empire docking bay as a supposed dockworker, blasted the shuttle taking them out of the sky.

After being sure of civilians safety, (though ideas of safety varied among the ranks) the group engaged the bounty hunters with a mix of grenades, blasters, and lightsabers. When the grenade explosions and smell of ozone from blaster fire cleared, Jaffa was left dead, having been simultaneously hit by a net, blaster bolt, and grenade explosion, while being choked by the Force.

Captain Riddick let the group know that the bounty hunter was part of The Bounty Hunter guild from house Crimson Nova.

A promise of investigation by the Empire was given to the group, who was shuttled back to Shower Academy. No civilians were killed during the attack.

Dark Times

Now working with the empire, the band of ex-mercenaries and G.E.F.’s went to the planet Mulinar, seeking disturbances in the force that had been felt by TRUTH.

There, they found Monolithic Statues and a new kind of Fulminar created through dark cloning experiments by Jerund Taloff.

Unfortunately, the mission to destroy the facility and its inhabitants went awry, resulting in the death of Captain Twitch Caffeine, a brilliant splicer, and Commander Adam Reith, a long time veteran.

With the death of two officers, the rest of the mission was scrubbed, and the band fled the planet back to the Empire.

An official inquiry was made, with interrogations interviews while TRUTH was present. Reprimands were issued, and Daskar’Jin was given officer status along with Kormin Blithman.

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