Star Wars Episode XIV - Fulminar

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Dark Times

Now working with the empire, the band of ex-mercenaries and G.E.F.’s went to the planet Mulinar, seeking disturbances in the force that had been felt by TRUTH.

There, they found Monolithic Statues and a new kind of Fulminar created through dark cloning experiments by Jerund Taloff.

Unfortunately, the mission to destroy the facility and its inhabitants went awry, resulting in the death of Captain Twitch Caffeine, a brilliant splicer, and Commander Adam Reith, a long time veteran.

With the death of two officers, the rest of the mission was scrubbed, and the band fled the planet back to the Empire.

An official inquiry was made, with interrogations interviews while TRUTH was present. Reprimands were issued, and Daskar’Jin was given officer status along with Kormin Blithman.

Jaffa's Worst Day Ever

Captain Sssco, Captain Riddick, Junior Lieutenant Kormin Blithman, and Privates Owen, So Leet, and Magnus Hyperion, headed towards the Arena in Rainbolt City. Sadly, on their way there a bounty hunter named Jaffa, who was earlier seen in an empire docking bay as a supposed dockworker, blasted the shuttle taking them out of the sky.

After being sure of civilians safety, (though ideas of safety varied among the ranks) the group engaged the bounty hunters with a mix of grenades, blasters, and lightsabers. When the grenade explosions and smell of ozone from blaster fire cleared, Jaffa was left dead, having been simultaneously hit by a net, blaster bolt, and grenade explosion, while being choked by the Force.

Captain Riddick let the group know that the bounty hunter was part of The Bounty Hunter guild from house Crimson Nova.

A promise of investigation by the Empire was given to the group, who was shuttled back to Shower Academy. No civilians were killed during the attack.

The capture of Jerund Taloff

A group of mercs and bounty hunters are giving a mission by Fest. Go capture the cloning mastermind Jerund Taloff and bring him back alive to the Empire.

The team was to ambush the Fulminar ship transporting the scientist, knocking it out of hyperspace during its journey. The ambush turned out to be from the opposing side however, both assault shuttles coming under fire as soon as they arrived at the planned coordinates.

After a deadly crash landing into the ships docking bays, the team and a group of mercs secured the area, holding down the fulminar forces in the main corridors by laying down blaster fire, the more stealthy members of the team investigated other avenues out of the docking bay.

Leaving the main company of mercs to hold their ground, the team stealthed through the ship, dealing with some Toydarian’s and Fulminar along the way. After securing Jerund Taloff, they moved through the ship, coming back to the docking bay where they found the mercs they had left dead and one of Allasandria’s children waiting for them. Battle begun, during which Crazgahglia perished from a massive amount of blaster fire and dark side force powers, while his sister Seraelafor escaped.

The team was then picked up by a ship from one of Princess Zora’s acquaintenances as they made their escape into hyperspace.

Three of the assault team mercenaries did more than just the usual point and fire. Thorin, who kept Jerund Taloff from escaping during the attack by Allasandria’s children, Thorpin, who protected the party, in particular Princess Zora, and gave up his life to make sure she stayed safe, and Socko, who was a master of laying down covering fire. (Special mention demanded by Zack)

Whoops! I Sold My Friends As Slaves!

Magnus Hyperion, Jr. Lieutenant Daskar’Jin, Sssco, Tash Blackburn, Hope, Thane Starkiller, Princess Zora, Dia Ven, Owen, So Leet, Trandomar, and Sparlo arrived at an uncharted location in the Senex Juvex sector of space, Princess Zora having requested the Empire lend her some aid.

After getting cleared for docking at an unnamed space station, which looked to be on its last legs, having half of a star destroyer as part of its structure, the party disembarked, posing more than half of them as slaves.

Quickly accosted by shady merchants in what seemed to be a black market styled merchant den, they were asked to sell their slaves by a number of interested parties. Magnus, posing as a slave, was mistaken for his younger brother Roland by a scruffy looking scrawny man, but was chased away by Tash with a blaster before any questions could be answered, making one wonder just what he wanted and why he thought Magnus was Roland.

Denying the peasley amount of 3,000 credits for the Twi’lek slave Dia’Ven, So Leet letting the party know that such an amount was entirely too low for a Twi’lek slave, even in this part of the galaxy, the party (or some of them!) decided it would be a good idea to sell the other party members off as slaves, thus locating at least one of the locations where slaves were being kept on the station.

Accepting the offer of 35,000 credits for the lot of them from a Ssi-ruuk, the party headed to a higher level of the station. The party was sold as slaves to the Ssi-ruuk, and placed in binders and led off into the Ssi-ruuk base. The so-called slaves were marched deep inside, passing by numerous screams of pain, and a large amount of oddly modified droids. It was discovered by Sparlo that in fact, these Ssi-ruuk were somehow taking the lives of the slaves and placing them into droids.

The other party members decided that perhaps it was a mistake to break up their team and leave most of them without weapons and imprisoned, immediately began to find a secret way into the Ssi-ruuk base, though Sparlo used his Fold Space ability to simply leave the cell.

So Leet, having scouted out a few different ways into the base, lead the party to one of the better paths, and they are now preparing to invade to rescue the people they sold into slavery themselves…

Meanwhile, Owen, having left the group with the explanation of checking things out, probed out with his Sense ability, finding a dark spot in the force, indicating the presence of a Ysalamari. He briefly detected another force user, but the sense of him disappeared quickly. Attempting to get to other levels of the station, Owen has fallen down a garbage chute, landing upon a large pile of decaying body parts, rubble, droid pieces, and other such junk, only to find himself in a forest area. Far above him, the ceiling shown with warm lights, acting as an artificial sun for all of the plant life.

Quote of the game: “It’s just a raptor with a shotgun.” Referring too a Ssi-ruuk. Nice one Sparlo. _

Pop Goes The Slaves

The band of adventurers managed to break themselves out of prison, killing a few guards, though not quietly, causing the alarm to be raised in the Ssi-Ruuk base. They then fought their way past patrols, while Daskar’Jin took out the security room to hopefully stop monitoring of the situation.

Finally coming together and closing in on the exit, the party was contacted by Ivpikiss on comlink and informed if they left the base, he would kill all the remaining slaves he had imprisoned. Though there was a brief statement of protest from Magnus Hyperion, the rest of the party, jedi included, decided to leave anyway in accordance with Thane’s desires, letting 50 or possibly more slaves to have their heads blown off by their slave collars.

Meanwhile, Owen Mind Trick ambushed some gamorreans and found a small group of child slaves mining spice from raw ore brought in from off station. After speaking with one of the children, he found that they were slaves of the Mon Calamari Perit. When Owen suggested freedom, the child seemed confused and did not want to stop mining the spice. Leaving the area, Owen mind tricked a child to go turn on a shield generator so he could be outside of it when it was activated. As the child reached to press the button on the generator, the collar around his neck went off, resulting in the childs death. Owen then left to regroup with the rest of the party.

Well, in the end, a handful of slaves were freed, a very large portion of slaves died. So far, the mission to free the slaves on the unnamed space station has been wrought with failure, and now the party has come together after gathering information from the large underground marketplace, giving them a better idea of events on the station itself. What’s next?!

Go to the upper levels and fight the pirate king Orychee? To the lower levels and deal with the nefarious Perit? Perhaps something else? Will more slaves die? Will more innocents be sacrificed for the safety of the party? Is Ivpikiss really out of the picture? Will anyone give in and buy one of the beautiful Twi’lek slaves? Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XIV – Fulminar!

Additional notes: Trandomar purchased two Ithorian slaves, and sent back 3 groups of 4 to be new recruits for the Empire with Hope, who is scheduled to return in 5 days.

Fulminar, Pirates, and Mon Calamari

Sitting in there makeshift junk selling stand, our group of adventurers got together to discuss further plans of action. Before things could fully get underway however, they were approached by a man in gray colored robe, giving his name as Darin, he presented orders from the Empire to Daskar’Jin, informing him and the group that he was here to take Thane Starkillers place, as need for a skilled sniper was requested by Riddick for his squad.

Things in order, Daskar’Jin explained their current objectives, free the slaves aboard the wretched station of scum and villainy. After which, he asked for suggestions from everyone. It was decided to go back to the Ssi-Ruuk base, and see what weapons and armament could be scavanged from the hopefully empty base.

After a bit of investigation, the destruction of a destroyer droid and the acquisition of a R2-D1 droid who believed he could go through walls if he just tried hard enough, the team entered the base. Dia’Ven sabotaged the remaining security systems, allowing them to head to the upper level of the base where Ivpikiss and his officers had holed themselves in.

A fierce battle took place, with much table smashing, grenade launching, and lightsaber slicing! In the end, Ivpikiss surrendered and bargained the information he held on the pirates and mon calamari bases for his life. The negotiations were interrupted midway when a Ssi-Ruuk came running in, crying the alarm of Fulminar! ††

A deal was made with the mon calamari spicers/slavers after Daskar’Jin opened negotiations and then Lord Nightmare a.k.a. Owen, and his apprentice a.k.a. Darin took over for him, it was agreed they would combine their forces to deal with the new Fulminar threat, as long as afterwards the pirates were taken out and Perit was given control of the station.

Four of Allasandria’s children were seen coming out into the underground market of the station, and while negotiations with the pirates for a package began to take place, Darin made good work of his shapeshifting abilities to send a grenade sent from the Pirate King Orychee towards Vahliuorieth and the Myneyrsh she was negotiating with.

Needing no further provocation, Vahliuorieth, Washeferneen, Trillanaetheen, and Thelamariena began storming their way through the pirate base. Our team met up with mon calamari forces, which included Roland, Magnus’ brother, and suicide grenade children. The team agreed, after a large debate, to send the suicide children back to Perit, while keeping fifteen spiced up children as troops. †††

With So Leet scouting ahead, it was found the Fulminar had begun invading the base from multiple places, including parts outside the station, resulting in areas be exposed to the void of space. Following the trail of destruction left by the Fulminar, the team clashed against Allasandria’s children.

A ferocious battle ensued, all members of the team showing their different abilities and prowess in battle. In the end, three of the four lay unconcious before the team, while Thelamariena’s head was taken off by Magnus Hyperion.

The children forces, having taken spice, exhibited the force, and lacking Fulminar targets, begun to tear into the pirates ranks.

Now, the children are being blasted by the pirates, the Pirate King Orychee and his mysterious package, revealed to be Corisanlia, are yet to be found!

Will the pirate King be brought to justice? Will Corisanlia be captured? What of the telepathic shout from Washeferneen before she went unconcious? And what about the other fulminar spread throughout the pirate base? And what of Perit?! Find out next time on Star Wars – Episode XIVFULMINAR!

Sidenote on Darin: Darin bought a Twi’lek slave from one of the underground market slavers upon his arrival at the station. After letting her know she was free, she introduced herself as Vizzal’teksa, and brought news of a man named Urtz, a recently escaped prisoner who was said to be raising a band of slaves. The Twi’lek was sent off to try to make communication, and later reported that Urtz would join them in the assault against the pirate base.

†† Sidenote on Ivpikiss: While the deal with Ivpikiss was made by Darin to let him live in exchange for information, after leaving down his secret escape shoot, Owen, with Daskar’Jin’s permission, pressed the button to explode the slave collar the team had put around his neck, resulting in his death. Disturbing.

††† Sidenote on Roland: Magnus and Roland had a long talk, and it was obvious to Magnus that Roland was addicted to spice and not doing well. After some explaining, Magnus discovered Roland seems to of been deceived by Perit, and the money Roland thought was going towards their family debt, was presumably being stolen! Anger filled, but needing to deal with the Fulminar first, Roland set off with Magnus, after asking for a few credits first…for, you know, food and stuff…definitely not more spice…

Quote of the game – Magnus: “Speak Basic!” Ssi-Ruuk: “Bassssic! Harrd!”

Mistakes Were Made

Tash began to argue that the killing and spacing of the unconscious Fulminar was the right thing to do at the time, despite the battling of children versus pirates going on the grand staircase inside the Pirate Kings base. After arguing from Owen and Magnus, Tash still had her way, and the party left the battlefield in the hands of Urtz Rebelrouser, who was shocked at the team not going to help the children against the pirates, but didn’t stand around to argue.

Time was taken to seek out an airlock and wait for a skirmish between Fulminar and Myneyrsh to end there, before Tash and Sssco applied deadly force to the unconscious children of Allasandria, before then spacing them out the airlock.

Returning to the staircase, they found the last of the enslaved children dead, and the pirates on a slow retreat up the stairs, Urtz doing what he could, but unable with his small force to save anyone by himself. The party beat the pirates back, who fled away deeper into the base. Urtz branched off, going to secure the armory, while the party followed a few pirates who had made a retreat into a large trophy room, ending their lives.

Moving further in, they came across four landspeeders and pirates piling into them. After three of the speeders took off, the team decided to pursue, getting to the final landspeeder and killing the pirates who occupied it. Afterwhich, they began debating wether or not they were following the right group of pirates. After a few coms over to Urtz’s group, and some general indecision, Trinity applied her great hunting and tracking abilities to determine that they were indeed on the pirate kings trail, and the team piled into the landspeeder.

Going through a dangerous maze the landspeeder was obviously not designed to traverse, and lacking an Ace Pilot, the team slowly made their way after the pirate king, coming upon the group of pirates, only to find them at a docking platform, fighting Fulminar who were tearing through the ships docked there. Tash piloted their landspeeder around the pirates, towards the ship the pirates seemed to of been heading too, drawing the fire of the pirates, and some Fulminar attention as well.

A fierce battle ensued, during which it was found they did not have the passcode for opening the pirate kings ship. Out in the open and under fire, the team took heavy damage all around.

The worst of it being received by So Leet, who found himself in a strange black void, with voices of his mother and sister calling for him to come to them, his mother offering rest, his sister crying for help. See sidenote below for further information.

The Pirate King Orychee decided the battle was not going in his favor, and escaped with one of his henchman on the landpseeder back towards his base. The team, deciding not to pursue him by the leftover landspeeders, worked at getting inside the spaceship. Trinity folding space into the cargo hold, opened it from the inside. The team then fled from attacking Fulminar, who began eating through the ships hull. Docking at the Star Destroyed infused with the space station, they sought out a medical bay where they rested to recover from the deadly wounds.

Deciding to head back to the Ssi-Ruuk base they had temporarily made their HQ, Trandomar contacted one of Allasandria’s children, who named herself Lahsonaf. Negotiations were attempted, but the team wouldn’t agree to any of the terms suggested, and they now make their way through the station, So Leet scouting stealthily ahead…

Now, the fulminar are scouring over the station, searching for their sister Corisanlia, while their battle cruiser systematically blows away ships in docking bays and docking platforms. Word that the mon calamari Perit has confiscated the Black Market has come from Urtz, possibly seeking control of the station as he was promised by the team. What will become of the slaves remaining on the station? Will the fulminar, who seem bent on revenge for the murder of their siblings, continue their rampage? Will the pirate king ever be brought to justice? Find out next time on Star Wars, Episode XIV – Fulminar!

So Leet sidenote: As So Leet made the decision to help his sister, another mysterious female voice called to him from yet a third direction, warning him that he was at deaths gate, and that he needed to come to her in order to live. Not knowing what was real and what was fake, So Leet drew upon his ability to sense the life of the force, and found it surging where the mysterious voice was coming from. With the cries of his sister echoing in his ears, he painstakingly made his way away from her and his mothers voices.

Drawing closer, the voice took shape into the Fulminar Vahliuorieth, who offered him life if he just took his hand, despite the fact that he and his team had murdered her and her siblings in cold blood. After a series of questions and a bit of confusion, So Leet could make no determination on wether or not the child of Allasandria was attempting to trick him. In the end, he decided to trust the Fulminar’s words, and took the girls hand. Meanwhile, Owen had been operating furiously, but was still losing So Leet’s life despite his best efforts, when suddenly he stabilized.

Some things do cost an arm and a leg

Returning to their temporary headquarters at the once Ssi-Ruuk base, the team debated on their next course of action while one of Perits men demanded that they come and give aide to his forces as they finished off the last of [[Orychee]s men.

So Leet, who had been monitoring the pirates communications closely, found word that the package was going to be left at a drop location. Deciding that Corisanlia was the best option, the team followed So Leet through the base, passing through the strange forest at its bottom and up into the Mon Calamari spicer base.

Interrogation of a guard was somewhat made, but Magnus, frustrated at Rolands addiction and OD on spice, brought the exchange of words to a quick end. Through the abuse of mind tricks, Daskar’Jin and Owen brought a few more guards to their doom, causing the enslaved children to run in panic.

Moving through a large ore refinery part of the base, the package (Corisanlia) was seen in the distance, while at the same time a group of Mon Calamari spicers were ordering the children to calm down, executing those that did not obey.

Owen and Sparlo went for the package, which was now being toted off by Kahsolifar, Draedulus, and Lahsonaf. Knowing neither was good at stealth, they erred on the side of caution and let the Fulminar take a large lead, resulting in them losing sight of their target briefly.

Finding them again, Sparlo decided to risk his life, and folded space inside of the container Corisanlia was being held in. Arriving in the dark cramped space, Sparlo’s left arm and right lower leg were forfeit, having arrived outside of the container.

Screaming, Sparlo grabbed Corisanlia and folded space again, falling on the refinery floor at Owen’s feet. The doctor began to work quickly, while the Fulminar turned to find just whose limbs had interrupted their walk.

Meanwhile, Trandomar, Daskar’Jin, and Dia Ven went to try and save the children. Trandomar reached out with the force, pulling the controls for the slave collars out of the Mon Calamari guard hands. Thinking it was the children rebelling with the force, they began to quickly execute child after child.

Dia Ven, with some amazingly accurate shooting, blew the guards away before all of the children good be killed. The team, knowing time was short and hearing the screams of pain from Sparlo’s com, let the last Mon Calamari leave with the enslaved children, and went rushing to aid their companions.

A great battle began, Owen taking Sparlo and the unconscious Corisanlia from the battlefield. Magnus and Sssco rushed to fight against Kahsolifar and Draedulus. Draedulus took to the sky, thwarting Sssco’s attempt to close at melee with him, while Kahsolifar made light of Magnus by reversing gravity and rendering him airborne.

Lahsonaf began attacking Daskar’Jin, Trandomar, and Trinity, splitting herself into two beings of smaller mass with an unknown force ability, while fulminar charged Dia Ven.

The classic case of choosing the wrong opponents, Allasandria’s children and the Fulminar began dealing deadly wounds to the team. Meanwhile, Owen had done what he could for Sparlo without proper medical facilities, and had brought Corisanlia around.

After asking about the deal they both had together, Corisanlia let Owen know his friends were in trouble. Owen decided to lure Kahsolifar away from the rest of the team, by telepathically informing him of his faux intentions of killing Corisanlia.

Succeeding, Kahsolifar appeared through folding space, Corisanlia stated her intent to not going with her siblings and staying with Owen. Kahsolifar seemed displeased, and decided to bring in Allasandria to see just what their mother would say.

Meanwhile, Magnus and Sssco had no way of engaging Draedulus, who floated in the air above them. Luckily, Draedulus seemed to have the same problem, unable to effectively harm either of them. Dia Ven, having survived her close encounter with the fulminar, with a little help from Trinity near the end, began blasting at Draedulus, who negated the energy with his force abilities.

Magnus, frustrated, threw an ore load of insults towards Draedulus, who reciprocated by putting a lightsaber through the Myrmidons leg. Magnus began quickly counter-attacking, forcing Draedulus to flee back into the sky. The stalemate was ended when Draedulus fled to answer Kahsolifars summons.

Lahsonaf sought to rejoin herself back together, but in the end became trapped with one of her legs underneath a giant pile of ore due to the teams actions. Negotiations began, and now the team works to decide what to do with her.

Draedulus, having arrived by Kahsolifar, and placing his hand on his shoulder, exploded with the force, and the two folded space away, apparently to get fetch their mother.

Now, Sparlo lays drugged and possibly dieing underneath a mine cart, left there as Owen fled with Corisanlia. Lahsonaf lays trapped, attempting to make a deal with the rest of the team. Perits men continue to dominate and take over the station.

Will Kahsolifar and Draedulus return with Allasandria? What deal will be made, if any, with Lahsonaf? Will Sparlo be able to live through his grievous wounds? Can Daskar’Jin convince Lahsonaf that there is more in the galaxy than just killing? Has Princess Zora achieved her goals back at the Ssi-Ruuk base?! Find out next time on Star Wars Episode XIV! FULMINAR!

Gotta Get Away

Princess Zora informed the squad she had been in contact with the Empire, and that a pickup (wether an evac or assault) was going to be coming within the next four hours. Daskar’Jin gave a speech of light and justice, and that while the threat of the Fulminar and the possibility of Allasandria’s presence was dire, they needed to free the children.

Daskar’Jin also spoke one on one with Lahsonaf, coming to an agreement that if she would simply watch and observe the partys actions, she would be allowed to go free afterwards, hoping to show her another side of life other than the single mindedness of the Fulminar.

The team went to work, finding Sparlo under the mine cart and making sure he was not left for dead. Attempts to get the few children still mining to gather the other children met with little success. Different attempts were made by Owen, but the team made securing the docking bay where the Empire transport was too arrive at top priority. However, efforts were still made.

Eventually, Trandomar left the group with one of the children, asking to be taken to the others. Weary from constant use of the force, Trandomar trudged on alone without the group, moving past the guards in the base and into a large room where children slept or rested without breathing room, many of them crowded on top of others for lack of space.

Trandomar tried to get the children moving, but many of them wanted to continue sleep, not leave at all, or simply take more spice. Mon Calamari guards appeared, and Trandomar fell unconcious as he tried to use one Jedi Mind trick too many!

The rest of the group with Kormin now leading (Daskar’Jin being seriously wounded still), having been commed by Trandomar shortly before, organized the remaining healthy people for a rescue operation with the time they had left.

Blowing away guards and spicers, they easily made there way through the short path to where the children were held, freeing Trandomar along the way. The children were promised power granted by the dark side of the force, along with better spice than what they now possessed, which seemed to be the only real motivator they would follow.

Pouring out of the base, and blowing away guards, the team escaped with fifty-seven children, leaving the rest behind due to time constraints and fear of possible overwhelming numbers from the Mon Calamari. Darrin and Dia Ven managed to jury-rig the slave control boxes to keep the childrens collars from exploding after leaving the base area, and everyone arrived at the docking port without further incident.

The Empire transport arrived, along with a Star Destroyer which immediately engaged the Fulminar battle cruiser, covering the squads escape. Lahsonaf staying behind after a parting Slam due to words about wings sucking from Owen. (Spilling Darrin’s salvaged goods everywhere!) Kormin acted quickly, sending out a squad to cover Darrin, as the force users in the party all felt the massive explosion of a Fold Space deeper in the station where Kahsolifar and Draedulus had departed from.

Hurrying aboard ship, the transport made it safely into hyperspace. Once aboard, Sssco took command as the mission was over, and ordered Corisanlia to be imprisoned. A large argument was had between Owen, Corisanlia, Sssco, Kormin, Daskar’Jin, and some of the other team members. In the end, Owen and Corisanlia were both collared.

Greeted upon landing by General Grimes, Aza, Hope, Ginix, and Lin, the party split up, going about their business on Shower. Corisanlia was quickly detained and put in a holding cell inside of R&D.

Trandomar and So Leet sought to reclaim their lost credits, but found only a small return of their original bet upon the Arena match. Being treated unjustly, but unsure how to proceed to get their money back due to blatant racism, they headed back to the Academy after speaking with Darrin, who found his way into the Casino blocked by the guards, despite shapeshifting into multiple forms and even impersonating a prior patron.

Trandomar went into the forest to have another training session with Jedi Master Charis, while Owen took out his frustration about the Empires handling of Corisanlia by beating up every new recruit he found in one of the training gyms. Trandomar also got negotiations working with the Ithorians he had rescued from slavery, in the hopes of furthering his own career, and helping out his homeworld of Ithor, which is under attack by the Fulminar.

Eventually, a new mission was given and the new squad leader was announced. Darrin would lead, with Daskar’Jin as XO and So Leet as CO. Communications and shipments from The Core, have stopped, and the Empire is sending the squad off to find out what’s wrong and fix it. So Leet also revealed that the droids that attacked the arena were of a manufacturer from the same planet.

What awaits the squad on this planet of droid and prototype technology? Will Darrin be able to step up as squad leader? Will So Leet ever be promoted? Did Urtz Rebelrouser live through the Fulminar and the Spicers? Will Allasandria’s children be content to let their sister stay in Empire hands? Just what in the world is a moisture farmer and why do they have harvest seasons anyway? Find out next time on Star Wars – Episode XIV! FULMINAR! (Okay, maybe you won’t find out about moisture farmers)

Quote of the game: “Just turn it off.” ~Droid maintenace technician.


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