Charis is the brother of Aza and is recorded as deceased in all galactic records. He was a Jedi Master during the New Republic era, and committed many a crime against the Empire. He was always a seeker of peace, and sought solutions other than just fighting in order to solve problems. However, he would never stand for anything that hinted at the dark side. He is known for trying to convert a number of dark jedi over the years, believing that Luke Skywalker was in fact able to bring Darth Vader out of its clutches and into the light. According to the history books however, this is a myth and just propaganda created by the New Republic, and Darth Vader was murdered by Skywalker on the second Death Star before its destruction.

Charis was known to wield a dual sided green light-saber, and was a powerful and wise master of the force, before he was killed by Empire forces some years ago.

!@ He is now in hiding on Shower after being resurrected by his sister and her companions by using the technology of the ancients in Habitat 13 on Ossus.

!@ After conversing with Trandomar and Daskar’Jin, Charis left Shower and headed for the unnamed space station, leaving Daskar with the burden of telling his sister he had left. Wether or not he has succeeded in helping the slaves that remain on the station or not is still a mystery…

Listed as dead by the Empire. Formerly wanted dead or alive.


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