One of the younger looking of Allasandria’s children, Draedulus has shown an uncanny ability with the force, able to boost another or his owns control over it. While possessing this ability, when engaged in combat, he seems reluctant to or perhaps unable to do any great damage to his opponents.

In an encounter with Magnus, Sssco, and Dia Ven, he refused to fight Dia or Sssco, explaining that he wasn’t sure if he should fight a girl or not. In fact, he only engaged in close combat once, when Magnus threw a barrage of insults that even Han Solo would blanch at.

Later he was present at the destruction of Shower and The Core, seeking his sister Corisanlia with some of his sisters. Ginix, under orders from Trandomar, blew away his right leg and arm. Though he didn’t die from the wounds thanks to Valiuorieths intervention.

Abilities: He has shown the ability to remove the air from an area, and seems to posessess master flight, as well as being able to boost other force users and his own power over the force.


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