The Fulminar first arose on the planet Mulinar, where Mulinear was first discovered. They quickly spread from the depths of the planet, killing or converting any sentient species that was not their own.

Soon, the Fulminar began to spread, taking spaceships to other populated planets. The remnants of the Republic and Jedi took up the fight against these creatures, driving them back through great lossess. Eventually, the Fulminar were seculded to the single planet of Coruscant, and were reportedly wiped out.

Unfortunately, after a decade of silence, the Fulminar rose again, exploding out of the lower levels of the planet and converting the mass population. With access to numerous ships, the Fulminar began to spread once more. The Empire and Republic, now locked in a struggle for domination of the galaxy, was unable to properly hold back the tide.

Reclamining their supposed homeplanet Mulinar, and with Allasandria now leading them. The Fulminar took planet after planet. Now, only a few small sectors remain outside of their control.

Species Information:

Description: Fulminar are blueish four legged creatures with yellow eyes, leathery wings, and long tails with a balled spike at the end. They possess horrendously sharp claws and teeth, and are able to chew through most materials. The smallest scratch from a Fulminar can infect you, resulting in either your death or conversion into their race. Their bodies are covered in a series of layered armor, which is resistant to most forms of energy and physical attacks.

There are four known types of Fulminar.
  • Young Fulminar are very large, most standing at near six feet high on all four feet. They are immensely strong, but lack intelligence unless grouped with others of their kind, or being directed.
  • Old Fulminar are smaller versions of the young, about panther size. They are far more intelligent than the younger and larger versions of themselves, and much more careful about how they attack their prey.
  • Adult Fulminar are Fulminar that have somehow changed from a four legged beast into a humanoid form. They keep their yellow eyes and wings, but the tail disappears. They are highly intelligent and much more independent than their four legged kin. Personal safety will often take precedence over their goals or mission. In other words, they seem rather cowardly.
  • Allasandria’s Children are adult Fulminar capable of using the Force. They have just recently been discovered and it is unknown how many exist. They seem to be a clone experiment of some kind, combining Murrbils and Fulminar together. No one knows just what powers these creatures possess.

Fulminar Traits:

  • Highly resistant to most energy and physical attacks, including the force.
  • Can fly, see in the dark, chew through most materials, can stick to smooth surfaces, and survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Infect other sentient species, turning them into Fulminar from a scratch or bite. Anyone with the ability to use the force dies before the transformation takes place.
  • Able to manufacture mulinear based ships through an unknown method.
  • Possess telepathy between each other, which seems to increase their intelligence, limited by distance.


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