Though no one has seen Ivpikiss yet, he is rumored to be a Ssi-Ruuk in charge of a gang associated with the Crimson Nova’s. He is known to employ modified droids in his ranks, along with Ssi-Ruuk.

Merciless, he is willing to sacrifice the lives of others to get what he needs, and it is known that he has been using a process called Entechment to transfer the lives of sentients into droid bodies.

He was dealt a staggering blow, as a group of empire soldiers and mercs blew through his base, later returning to finish and take over his headquarters.

Bartering for freedom, he gave the team information on Orychee and Perit. Along with plans to their bases. Allowed to flee, Daskar’Jin approved the request from Owen to activate the bomb that had been placed in the slave collar around Ivpikiss’ neck, resulting in his cold blooded murder.


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