Jerund Taloff

Jerund Taloff was one of the head engineer’s of the Empire before the destruction of the second Death Star. After that he abandoned the Empire to conduct his own experiments. Through his work in the Empire he made many ties and earned favors from important people. Setting up shop on Space Station Kar he began work on genetically engineered lifeforms, something that was banned and forbidden during the Old Republic times. He was brought to a barrier at actually creating a living being. So, making a deal with Grand Admiral Thrawn he secured a group of cloning tanks, allowing him to finish his work. After a few failuers and semi-success’ Jerund managed to create a G.E.L. (Geneticall Engineered Lifeform). From here he moved on at Thrawn’s demand to create a G.E.F. (Genetically Engineered Force) From this he created Karis, Heiwa, and Sensoo.

After these successes, Thrawn took over the station and stole all of the information pertaining to the creation of the G.E.F.’s. Jerund managed to escape along with his three creations and disappeared for many years. Though he was not completely inactive, for during his time in hiding he created Zarin Murr, Zorin Murr, and as an accidental byproduct the Murrbils.

Recently, it’s been found that Jerund Taloff is working with or perhaps for the Fulminar, conducting even further cloning experiments on them and Murrbils. It is believed he is one of the key minds to of made Allasandria’s Children possible.

Description: A partially bald white haired old man, with a cybernetic left eye, wearing a black labcoat.

He is currently wanted alive by in the custody of the Empire.

Jerund Taloff

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