Karis was one of the first successful Genetically Enginereed Force Users, created by the scientist Jerund Taloff.

After fleeing from the Empire, Karis parted ways with his creator, taking his two sisters Heiwa and Sensoo and attempting to change the galaxy by capturing key figures in The New Republic.

Karis managed to abduct most of the leaders and Genetically alter them, bending them to his will. One of the most notable figures Karis corrupted was Luke Skywalker. A group of jedi and soldiers working for the Republic managed to bring an end to Karis’ plans, and the G.E.F. was driven into the shadows once again…

His prior plans having failed, Karis began to pursue his former research, seeking answers within the Force and attempting to discover clues about The Ancients. His efforts met with fruition, and he captured a key squad of the Empire and blended them with animals and some of the ancients orbs. Fearing failure again, Karis chose to allow these new creations to have their own free will, knowing that they were the one’s who could finally accomplish what he could not, granting every living being in the galaxy the ability to use the force.

His trust was misplaced however, and the G.E.F.’s eventually sided with Aza in order to resurrect her brother, rather than let his dreams of a galaxy where everyone could manipulate the force.

Dreams once again shattered, Karis left Ossus with his two sisters and friend Shill Eon.

He later helped bring about the resurrection of Croagnifit the Ancient, hoping to somehow reactivate the machine on Ossus and fulfill his dream. Sadly, Croagnifit had other plans upon being resurrected, and so he and his sisters left for whereabouts unknown.

Description: Wears a black robe. Tends to end sentances with the word yes when he speaks.

He is currently wanted by the Empire for questioning.


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