Riddick is a captain in the Empire who leads his own special squad called The Renegades. He is most famous for his uncanny ability at making vibro based weapons, and once forged a powerful and deadly sword through unknown techniques.

A man named Ikus claiming to be from The Gamlord Societyand of the same race as Riddick, offered him his own galaxy for the sword, or an unlimited amount of credits. Unsure of the offer, the two fought, and Riddick foolishly threw his sword towards Ikus, hoping to impale him. Ikus caught the blade however, the man’s arm surging and crackling with a strange power. Wielding the deadly sword, he easily defeated Riddick and left for places unknown.

Riddick has sworn to get his sword back someday, and continually seeks out information on The Gamlord Society and Ikus while carrying out missions for the Empire.

It is known that he will pay credits for any information regarding Ikus, his sword, or the Gamlord Society.


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