Roland is the brother of Magnus Hyperion. Not much is known about him, although he and Magnus did grow up together on their homeworld.

Recently, he was mentioned at an unchartered space station in the Senex Juvex sector, when a scrawny scruffy little man mistook Magnus for his younger brother.

It was later found that Roland was working underneath the Mon Calamari Perit, and was being duped into giving his credits away, rather than filtering them to his family debt. Realizing the truth, Roland swore vengeance.

Alas, Roland is highly addicted to spice, and it has resulted in more than a little ineptitude on his part, though Magnus seems determined to help him.

Roland has now promised his determination to his brother Magnus, vowing never to take spice again and get back to his formal self! He is now training at Shower Academy, getting his body and mind back to what it once was.


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