Tari Nar

Tari’Nar is a dark jedi who was with the Empire and helped bring about the fall of the New Republic and the Jedi Academy. He is also responsible for the death of Jedi Master Lotus, and a number of other powerful jedi.

Originally encountered in a cloning facility of the Empire’s by none other than Lotus himself, he was at first weak, having been forced to exit the cloning tank before he was complete. Managing to escape, he worked with Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was responsible for him being cloned in the first place, to bring about the second rise of the Empire.

During the great war on Ossus, Tari’Nar fell to enemy forces.

!@ He was the first to discover one of the orbs of The Ancients, and went about using it to increase his own powers over the force. Seeking ultimate power, he attempted to use the machine in Habitat 13 (See: Habitats) in order to bend the force to his use and his alone, denying all others access to its power. He was killed, some would say betrayed, by Adam Rithe, Kormin Blithman, Aza, and a few others in the attempt.

Tari’nar has now been reborn through cloning requested by Jerund Taloff! Wether or not he is the same as his old self remains yet to be seen!

Tari Nar

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