The Core

The Core is a planet owned by one of the larger production organizations of the galaxy. It is where a number of new technologies are produced, and is the number one manufacturer of droids in the galaxy. The entire planet is, much like Coruscant, appears to be composed completely of metal when viewed from orbit.

Myths and rumors surround the planet, having supposedly appeared into the known galaxy less then fifteen years ago when a new droid manufacturer known as Syntha Tek brought itself onto the market. Claiming superiority in all technology, Syntha Tek was soon trounced by other droid manufacturers who quickly slurred the companies name. The origin of the planet and why it had remained off of the galactic navigational charts until recently are still a mystery.

While Syntha Tek was crushed under the unexpected animosity of other technological manufcaturing company, a small piece of it still exists in operation, but they no longer service the galaxy, instead making deals with private or military organizations.

Now owned and shared by a large number of manufacturers, The Core is an industrial planet, sections of it dedicated only to factories where droids supervise the construction of other droids. There is a single city on The Core known simply as City, where the non-droid population make their home and oversee that everything goes well.

The planetary shield of The Core remains in effect constantly, and is only shutdown when shipments are moved into and out of the planet. Planetary defenses are closely monitored to ensure safe passage of all transports, as attempted piracy and the like on such a wealthy planet are quite common.

The Core

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