The Galactic Information Database

Here there will be links to info dumps on people, places, and things. The game has been running a long time, though most of you are new to the current state of the galaxy. So, here’s a bunch of information you can peak through. Everything here is likely information your character knows or could know if they spent some time watching the news or some such.

Anything with !@ at the start means you probably don’t know the information IC, but it’s cool to have it OOC. You can always check with me to see if you know it!

Current State Of The Galaxy Self explanatory!

Equipment – Special equipment.

Fulminar – A dreaded race that are taking over the known galaxy.

Genetically Enginereed Force Users – Strange clone experiments.

Habitats – Places of wonder left by The Ancients.

Monolithic Statues – Descriptions of the giant mulinear made statues on Mulinar.

Murrbils – Cute fuzzy side products of failed cloning experiments.

Mulinear – The most valuable metal in the galaxy.

Notable NPC’sNPC’s I’ve introduced to the Star Wars galaxy.

Planets – Planets I’ve added to the Star Wars galaxy.

Races – Races of the galaxy.

Shower Academy – A base of operations for the Empire on the planet Shower.

The Ancients – Information on The Ancients and their Orbs.

The D O O M Project – A mysterious project…

The Gamlord Society – An unknown yet seemingly rich and advanced organization.

Wanted – A list of people wanted by the Empire.

The Galactic Information Database

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