First seen on the unamed space station, after a dialogue with So Leet, it was found that Trillanaetheen was on Mulinar when So Leet and the others went to attempt and destroy the cloning facility that was supposedly being used to create Allasandria’s children. She was still growing in a cloning tank, and thanks to their failure on the mission, was able to be born into the galaxy.

Present at the destruction of Shower and The Core, she took Owens arm off when Trandomar had Ginix shoot Draedulus in order to stop further damage to her brother, and to try and get Corisanlia from the former sith lord.

Abilities: She fights with two black lightsabers and has shown the ability to increase either the weight, pressure, or possibly gravity around an individual. Along with Folding Space and Slam.

She is to be a suspicous and untrusting individual.


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