Corisanlia mentioned her briefly when speaking about her siblings, saying that she may be one of the few immortals like their mother Allasandria.

She was first encountered on the unnamed space station, during the battle against the pirate king Orychee.

She later appeared in a vision of So Leets while he was on the verge of death (or perhaps already dead), guiding him back through the force into life.

She wields two green lightsabers in each hand, and the wings on her back grant her the ability of flight. It was noticed by some of the party, that as she moved through the pirates, she never actually attacked any of them, but rather wove in and out, passing through the ranks and deflecting blaster bolts shot at her.

At the destruction of Shower and The Core, she helped save Draedulus’ life and negotiated for Corisanlia to be allowed to leave with Owen and his squad in exchange that each of them grant her (the fulminar) a single favor in the future.

Abilities: She has shown the ability to heal herself and others rapidly, and send one of her lightsabers away from her, which is probably a form of kinetic combat and move object combined.


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