First encountered on the unnamed space station, Washeferneen showed herself to be violent and a bit sadistic. During her battle against Princess Zora, she screamed a number of times about how using the force in combat was cheating, and that she wouldn’t use it herself.

Possessing an insane amount of strength, possibly abnormal or even ginormous, she fights with a giant jagged edged sword that from outward appearances looks like Mulinear, but so heavy is the blade, even Magnus misjudged its weight when trying to swing it.

At the destruction of Shower and The Core, she battled against Magnus, though it seemed closer to a spar, both holding back while their respective companions negotiated.

Abilities: Despite her hatred of using the force in combat, she showed the ability to catch a lightsaber with her bare hand, though it did leave it charred and blackened afterwards, likely being a use of Negate Energy.


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