Dragonmaster Cale's guide to Diceless Role Playing

No dice? You crazy nerfherder! It makes no sense! WRONG! XD Okay.

—General Concept

So, here’s the general concept. You have three attributes, Battle, Mind, and Life, each of these attributes govern what your character can do (see explanation on main wiki page).

All three attributes start out at Mook level, that is 0.

Now, let’s use Battle for our explanation since it’s the easiest for examples. Let’s say you have spent a lot of points on Battle, and your Battle attribute is at 50. You come across some no name spice addict in an alley, his Battle is 5. You are far more experienced in every way concerning Battle, and could easily behead or otherwise destroy the spice addict with next to nothing resistance.

But Cale, what if the scores are closer?!

Exactly. Let’s say someone has Battle 50 and the other has Battle 40? Does that mean the person with more points automatically wins? No. While Battle 50 has the upperhand, it does not mean they will dominate the fight just because the stat is higher. For instance, let’s say Battle 40 tosses dirt into Battle 50’s eyes. Battle 50 now being blinded, is not going to be fighting as good as if he had clear vision. Get it?

There are many other factors that can come into play during a battle, the general area and obstructions, people screaming, force powers, different weapons, etc. So while you may find that an enemies Battle is higher than you’re own, that doesn’t mean you can’t defeat them. There is always the option of ganging up on them, etc.

—Experience Points and How They Work

All right, so now instead of levels we have these Attributes and Abilities we spend our XP on. During the course of the game, usually at the end of a chapter or something similar, you’ll be given an unknown amount of XP, you can then write me a list of what you want. For instance:

  • Battle
  • Life
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Knowledge – Cloning

This person wants to spend most of his XP on his Battle and Life stats, and if there is any left over, he would like to buy the Heavy Weapons and Knowledge – Cloning Abilities. If he has enough XP, he’ll get everything on his list, if not, he may only get some more stats in Battle and Life, and no new Ability at all.

But, Cale…I don’t get to know how much XP I have? How do I plan out my character?! How do I know what my stats are like compared to another player? Well, I’m sorry, but you don’t without fighting them or testing your skill against another. I know, I know, it sucks, but trust me in the end it makes the game much more fun all around. XD

—I still don’t get it…

That’s okay, I plan on running a mini game with everyone to export there new characters into the new system so everybody is used to it before the campaign fully starts up.

Dragonmaster Cale's guide to Diceless Role Playing

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