Mind Abilities

Mind Abilties are generally things your character knows how to do better than others. This is not a complete list of things you can buy, and if you have something special that’s not on the list, let me know and I’ll add it here! It’s very flexible, so don’t feel you’re limited to the small amount of options presented.

  • Astronomy – 5pts You recognize the constellations of a large number of star systems without consulting a chart, and have a good chance of recognizing strange space phenomena.
  • Body Language – 15pts You’ve spent time researching and learning body language, and can usually tell when someone is lieing or telling you the truth if you talk with them long enough. This is always harder when you are not familiar with an unfamiliar species you’ve not encountered often.
  • Business Smarts – 10pts You know how business’ are run and could run your own with enough credits to start one. You can see loopholes in contracts, etc.
  • Chemist – 10pts You know how to make poisons and antidotes from various materials and compounds.
  • Direction Sense – 10pts You never get lost outside once you’re properly oriented, and always know your cardinal directions.
    • Perfect Direction Sense – 25pts Even when inside or underground, you have a general idea of your orientation. It is rare that you can’t find your way out of somewhere, as long as your path is not obstructed.
  • Enhanced Memory – 15pts Your memory is very good, you can remember events very well and you rarely make a mistake on what occurred. You never forget your pass codes, no matter how many you make up, etc.
  • First Aid – 10pts You can bandage and treat a wound, and make sure someone doesn’t bleed to death before help arrives.
    • Doctor – 20pts You’ve gone through galactic med school or have had an apprenticeship with a skilled doc. You can perform basic surgery and make a diagnosis on peoples illness and sicknesses.
      • Surgeon – 30pts You’ve have had an apprenticeship with a skilled surgeon, or gone through galactic surgeon school. You’re able to perform surgery on people, including the implantation of cybernetics. (Be sure to have them sign a waiver datapad!)
        • Surgeon Mastermand – 45pts You have done so much surgery and training in medicine, that you can do things beyond the normal scope of ordinary medical science. You can also perform surgery far faster than that of any ordinary doc.
  • Investigator – 15pts You are good at examining areas and making conclusions as to what occurred there, such as examining a crime scene etc.
    • Sleuth – 30pts Beyond investigation, you are often able to replay events in a room with very small evidence, and make large conclusions as to who was there and what they did.
  • Knowledge – 5pts You have a vast knowledge of a certain topic, either broad or specific.

    • Examples: Bureaucracy, Galactic Lore, Life Sciences, Tactics, Technology design, Cloning, Space Station design, etc. The more broad a topic the more general rather than specific your knowledge is.

    • Having knowledge is beneficial to your other abilities, for instance an Advanced Mechanic who also has Knowledge: Droids, is going to be able to build and make his own droids better than someone who doesn’t possess that knowledge. You can even be more specific and go Knowledge: Droids – R2 Units. While this makes your knowledge very specific, it also means you likely know every thing there is to know about any R2 Unit in existence.

  • Language – 2pts You know a language other than basic! May be bought multiple times for more languages. This ability may be gained for free if your Mind stat is high enough and you have someone to teach you over a long period of time.
  • Mathematician – 10pts You are able to calculate large numbers in your head, much the same as a droid can. You are able to plot astrogation charts almost as fast as droid designed to do so, etc.
  • Racial Ability Certain races are given special mind abilities, if you’re a race other than human, you probably will get one of these.
    • Cerean
      • Smart Cereans are generally smart and wise. They receive a free knowledge or language ability.
  • X Ability An ability you want your character to have, but isn’t on this list!

Mind Abilities

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